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College of Charleston Students

Current CofC Students Application Process:

We accept applications from current College of Charleston students who did not enter the program as freshmen as long as you've taken rigorous coursework in your freshman year and earned a 3.7 GPA or higher

  1. Complete the Honors College Application for Campus Students
  2. Complete the Honors Essay and Statement of Intent and attach them to your application.
  3. Solicit two Letters of Recommendation from CofC faculty members. These letters should be sent directly to
  4. Submit a resume.
  5. Submit your application in one of the following ways:
                          - Email your completed application to 
                          - Hand deliver it to the Honors Center, 10 Green Way
                          - Mail it to the Honors College, 10 Green Way, Charleston, SC 2942

    The Honors College will notify you once we have received your application, and periodically we will send updates on missing requirements. We will also notify you once your application is complete.You will be notified by regular mail once the Honors College has made an admissions decision. You cannot check your status online, so if you have questions concerning your status at the Honors College, please email us at or call us at 843.953.7154.

    The application deadline for current students applying for spring semester is December 15. The application deadline for current students applying for fall semester is June 15.

    The Honors College does not make a final decision on current student applications until we have the final grades for the current semester. Once your application is complete, the Honors College Admissions Committee will review all of your materials. You can expect a letter to be sent to your e-mail address informing you of your Honors College admission decision. If you are accepted into the program, you are responsible for contacting the Honors Academic Advisor to revise your course schedule to include your Honors College requirements for the following semester.

    A complete Honors College Application for a Current College of Charleston student includes:

    1. Honors College Applicaton Form
    2. Honors College Essay
    3. Honors College Statement of Intent
    4. Copy of Unofficial College of Charleston Transcript (Should reflect grades for the current semester)
    5. Two Letters of Recommendation from College of Charleston professors
    6. Resume

    The Honors College Essay

    This essay is your chance to showcase your ability to write, to develop an argument, and to think logically. It also provides an opportunity for you show us who you are – how you think and what you will be like as a student. One of the most important components of a student's application is the "fit" for the Honors College, so be sure to use this essay to demonstrate exactly why you are such a great candidate for the Honors College! Select one of the following prompts and prepare a 500-800 word essay response to be attached to your application.

    Fall 2014 Honors College Applcation Essay Prompts (select one)
    1. Though many pressing issues of the day have a global scale, they are most often felt and engaged on a local level.  Describe a problem of global proportions that also has local implications. Explain in specific terms how you would work to address this problem on a local level, and why you believe your solution would be effective.
    2. Imagine taking a college course that was unconstrained by traditional subject areas – a class in which you could read anything, go anywhere, and produce something truly remarkable at the end.  What would your dream course be called? What readings, assignments, and activities would be required and why?  What would your final project be?
    3. “The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein. Write about an aspect of the world that has engaged your curiosity and led you to ask questions. Explain the actions you have taken to learn more about the issue and the strategies you have used to address any concerns you have about the issue.

    Honors College Statement of Intent

    The Statement of Intent provides the Honors College Admissions Committee the opportunity to understand why you would like to be a part of the Honors College Community and is one of the most important components of your application to the Honors College. Below is the prompt that will be found on the application form and students should attach their response to the application form.

    Explain, in 200-250 words, how and why you believe the Honors College at the College of Charleston would help you to reach your full academic potential and why you are the kind of student who would both benefit from the Honors curriculum and contribute to the Honors living-learning community.

    Academic Profile Information

    The following criteria represent the profile for current CofC students who are accepted into the Honors College

    Average GPA: 3.70

    Generally, students have experience with advanced coursework in high school (Honors/AP/IB) and have demonstrated exceptional classroom performance at all levels of their education. Students also exhibit superb written and oral communication skills.