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High School Students

High School Seniors: Complete Your Application!

  1. Complete the College of Charleston Undergraduate Admissions Application using the online system. On the regular application, check the box indicating that you want to apply to the Honors College-- this is the best way to complete an application.
  2. Complete the Honors College section of the general admissions application online by responding to the essay prompt of your choice.
  3. Once you have submitted the Undergraduate Admissions Application, we will recieve your Honors Essay (if attached to your application).
  4. All credentials including letters of recommendation must be sent directly to the Honors College at; failure to do so may result in delayed processing/review of your application. We cannot guarantee the processing for any letters of recommendation submitted by any other means (including Naviance/Docufide/Parchment of Script-Safe).
  5. The Honors College will notify you once we have received your application, and periodically we will send updates on missing requirements. We will also notify you once your application is complete.
  6. You will be notified by regular mail once the Honors College has made an admissions decision. Please be advised that the Honors College makes decisions only after the Office of Admission has returned a decision on your application. Letters are mailed beginning in early December and continue through the spring and summer semesters. You cannot check your status online, so if you have questions concerning your status at the Honors College, please email us at or call us at 843.953.7154.

A complete Honors College Application for a High School Student includes:
-Online application*
-High School transcript*
-SAT and/or ACT scores*
-Honors Essay
-Two letters of recommendation (One from a core subject area teacher, one from a college/guidance counselor)
-high school resume

* The Honors College will obtain your test scores and transcript from the Office of Admissions. There is no need to send a duplicate copy to the Honors College.

For priority consideration and for scholarship eligibility, you MUST submit an application by November 1 and all other supporting materials by December 1.

The Honors College Essay

One of the most important components of a student's application is the "fit" for the Honors College, and this essay is the perfect opportunity to showcase exactly why you think that you and Honors are a good match. In evaluating the essays, our Honors Committee pays particular attention to not only the mechanics of your writing, but the clarity and precision with which you convey your ideas. Keep in mind, too, that you are not bound by a traditional five-paragraph essay. Feel free to think outside the box, and be yourself.  Prepare a 500-800 word response to one of the following prompts and then cut and paste your response into the appropriate space within the online application. You can also submit your response to, if your essay is not complete at the time of submission.

Class of 2019 Honors College Application Essay Prompts (select one)
  1. Though many pressing issues of the day have a global scale, they are most often felt and engaged on a local level.  Describe a problem of global proportions that also has local implications. Explain in specific terms how you would work to address this problem on a local level, and why you believe your solution would be effective.
  2. Imagine taking a college course that was unconstrained by traditional subject areas – a class in which you could read anything, go anywhere, and produce something truly remarkable at the end.  What would your dream course be called? What readings, assignments, and activities would be required and why?  What would your final project be?
  3. “The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein. Write about an aspect of the world that has engaged your curiosity and led you to ask questions. Explain the actions you have taken to learn more about the issue and the strategies you have used to address any concerns you have about the issue.

Academic Profile Information

The following criteria represent the profile for high school seniors who are accepted into the Honors College

SAT Mid-Range: 1300-1400
ACT Mid-Range: 29-31

Average Un-weighted GPA: 3.83
Average Weighted GPA: 4.65

Other Criteria:
Generally, if students believe they are a good fit for the Honors College, they should apply. Test data and GPA sometimes do not accurately represent characteristics (hard work, inquisitiveness, passion) that our Honors Admissions Committee finds valuable. Students should have taken Honors, AP, or IB courses and be active in extracurricular and leadership activities. They exhibit strong writing skills, strong math skills and submit stellar letters of recommendation from teachers.