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Honors Merit Scholarships

The Honors College, along with the Office of Financial Assistance, ackonowledges that a college education is a major expense in most family budgets. We also recognize that students that choose to matriculate to the Honors College are often the best and the brightest of our CofC community. Therefore, the majority of students in the Honors College at CofC receive some form of academic scholarship, whether the award comes from the College of Charleston or specifically from the Honors College. We truly value the diversity, excitement and perspective you add to our campus, and we are proud to recognize exceptional students for exceptional acheivements.

The Honors College has several named scholarships that are awarded based on a variety of criteria, including the Charles Boykin Scholarship, the Class of 1938 Golden Anniversary Scholarship, the Ketner Emerging Leaders Scholarship, the W. Lloyd Hamm Scholarship,  the Peter Gilman Pinckney Memorial Scholarship, the Julia Sadler Webb Scholarship, and the Automated Trading Desk Scholarship. For more information on the criteria for these awards, please contact us at

Additional Scholarship Opportunities for Honors College Students:

The College of Charleston also offers need-based financial aid. For information on applying for financial assistance, please visit the website for the College's Office of Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs.