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Honors Courses

About 30% of your overall coursework is completed through the Honors College. You are not completing more work, just different! Our Honors curriculum is designed with the liberal arts in mind and is interdisciplinary in nature. This means that you'll enter into a learning environment that challenges you to think creatively outside of your chosen course of study. One of the crucial elements of success in Honors is a student's ability to remove his or herself from the one-track world of majors and minors and think from a more global perspective. For instance, a course called "Religion and Ecology" integrates elements of biology, sociology, anthropology and religous studies, and a course entitled "Supremes" examines the members of the United States Supreme Court through political science, history and sociology. In short: We want you to think critically about the problems the world faces today, and understand that the best solution will not come from an understanding of only one aspect of the world around you.

Honors Students are also required to complete an independent study You will most likely choose to work on your Honors independent study during your junior year and complete your Bachelor's Essay over the course of two semesters during your senior year. These individualized research projects will be the culminations of your undergraduate work and they are essential for preparing you for graduate work and life beyond the classroom.

For more information on courses in the Honors College, be sure to check out our Spring 2014 Course Offerings.

Curriculum Requirements

To graduate from the College of Charleston Honors College, you must successfully complete the Honors College requirements, all college-wide general education requirements, and requirements for a major(s). The Honors course requirements are as follows:

  • HONS 100, Beyond George Street (1 credit)
  • HONS 110, Honors Academic Writing (4 credits)
  • HONS 120 & 130, Honors Colloquium in Western Civilization (12 credits) 
  • Two semesters of Mathematics to include MATH 120 or HONS 115 (Calculus I) and an additional Mathematics course at the 200-level: MATH 220, HONS 215 Calculus II, MATH 250 Statistics, or HONS 390 Honors Appreciation of Mathematics (7-8 credits)
  • A minimum of three additional Honors courses, at least one of which must be interdisciplinary (9+ credits)*
  • An Independent Study or Tutorial, usually done in the junior year (3 credits)
  • A Bachelor's Essay, usually done over two semesters in the senior year (6 credits)

Academic Performance Requirements

In addition to taking  the courses required by the Honors College, which amount to about 30% of total coursework, you must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.40 in order to graduate from the Honors College and to receive the designation of "Honors College Graduate" on your official transcript. Please refer to our Academic Policy for more details on academic performance requirements.