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Honors Curriculum

Curriculum Requirements 

To have an Honors College designation on your transcript when you graduate from the College of Charleston, you must successfully complete all Honors College requirements, college-wide general education requirements, and requirements for your major(s). The Honors course requirements are as follows:

  1. HONS 100 Beyond George Street (1 credit hour; must be completed in first semester)
  2. Honors Engaged - a 1-year community engagement project to be fulfilled in the first year in the honors program.
  3. HONS 110 Honors Academic Writing (4 credit hours; must be completed in first semester). May be satisfied with a 5 on AP English.
  4. MATH 120 Calculus (4 credit hours) May be satisfied with a 3 or better on AP Calculus AB or BC.
  5. An additional mathematics course at or above the 200 Level. Some 200-level math courses may be satisfied with AP credit. Please see listing on the Registrar’s webpage for more specific information.
  6. HONS 121/HONS 122 and HONS 131/HONS 132, Honors Western Civilization (12 credit hours). HONS 121/HONS 131 may be satisfied with a 4 or 5 on AP European or World History. Also, may be satisfied with a 6 or 7 on IB European or World History HL.  Students with these scores replace HONS 122/HONS 132 with any two honors humanities courses (HONS 170,HONS 173, HONS 175, HONS 180, HONS 281, HONS 381).
  7. HONS 380, HONS 381, or HONS 382 Honors Interdisciplinary Special Topics course (3-4 credit hours)
  8. Any two additional Honors courses (6-8 credit hours)
  9. Satisfactory completion of Honors Immersed (pre-approved Independent Study, Internship, and/or Study Abroad course) with a “B” or better. Approvals require the signature of the Dean of the Honors College.
  10. Any six credit hour Bachelor’s Essay; may be Honors or departmental (6 credit hours)
  11. A cumulative GPA of 3.400 or higher

Please see the 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog for more details on curricular requirements, inlcuding those for the Honors College

Academic Performance Requirements

In addition to taking the courses required by the Honors College, which amount to about 30% of total coursework, you must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.40 to receive the designation of "Honors College Graduate" on your official transcript. Please refer to our Academic Policy for more details on academic performance requirements.