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Honors Program in Business

The Honors Program in Business offers a unique, rigorous, and challenging academic experience to a select group of students each year. The program is designed to enhance and complement the education of those students admitted to the Honors College who wish to pursue any major in the School of Business. Students in the Honors Program in Business have the option to spend the spring semester of their junior year at a College of Charleston partner university in a business program. The international experience reinforces the concept of business as a global entity operating in a diverse world. Students may use existing scholarship funds to cover the costs of this program up to the amount of the scholarship.

Additionally, students in the Honors Program in Business are eligible for the Barkley Family Travel Scholarship. Eligibile students must have completed 5 Honors Business Courses and have earned at least 30 credit hours by the time they study abroad. They must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 as well. More information about International Travel Awards can be found here

Program Requirements

In addition to the Honors College requirements, students complete all requirements for the particular business program in which the student chooses to major. Special Honors sections of many required courses in business and economics are offered specifically to Honors College students. These intellectually challenging courses are small, allowing for more intensive student participation, and are accelerated to meet the needs of superior students. Participants in the program are given the opportunity to work independently with faculty in completing the Bachelor's Essay.

For additional information visit the School of Business website or contact Roxane DeLaurell. For information regarding admission into the Honors Program in Business, click here