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The First-Year Experience

The Gateway to Success

The first year is the most important of your college career: it is where you set the foundation for personal and professional growth, for your academic success, and for your your engagements on campus and in the broader Charleston community. The first year is not only your gateway to a successful Honors College experience; it is your gateway to a world of opportunities that will open up before you during your time here and for many years to come. 

Recognizing how important this beginning is, the Honors First-Year Experience (FYE) involves three crucial and inter-related components:  

Beyond George Street

Beyond George Street (BGS) is one-credit hour course in which all entering Honors College students enroll. BGS serves as a gateway--both professional and personal, academic and extracurricular--to the many opportunities that await you at the College of Charleston and beyond. In this class, you will connect with faculty, learn about undergraduate research opportunities, explore the many exciting study abroad experiences that await you, engage in a sustained community outreach, and learn how to craft sophisticated professional portfolio with important documents including a resume and a four year leadership plan--and that's just a start. Reflective exercises and discussions ground and direct all of this learning and doing, encouraging you to explore your academic strengths and discover the values that inform all you have done and all you hope to do. 

Honors Engaged & the Literacy Outreach Initiative

The second part of the First-Year Experience, Honors Engaged, focuses on one of the crucial elements noted above: sustained community outreach. The Literacy Outreach Initiative (LOI) lies at the heart of Honors Engaged, and most students will participate in the various facets of this sustained community engagement program that connects our campus with numerous partners in the Charleston area. You also have the opportunity to propose, on a competitive basis, your own sustained service experience in place of LOI as you begin taking control of your Honors experience from day one. You can read more about individual LOI opportunities on the LOI Blog, and visit The Hub for additional civic engagement opportunities. 

Honors Course

To round out the First-Year Experience, students take another Honors course of their choosing. This class can either be related to the major, or maybe an elective field that you find particularly compelling. Take a look at our Spring 2014 course offerings and see what interests you!