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Honors Engaged

"Right off the bat, the Honors College sets you up through Honors Engaged with non-profits in the community. Since we receive so much from the Charleston community, it's a natural and understood response that we should give back." -CofC Honors Student, Ellie Flock

Building a meaningful connection with the world around you is an essential component of the Honors College, and particularly as it relates to the city of Charleston. Most of our students begin the tradition of community involvement early in their high school careers and choose to continue this tradition through their time in the Honor College and thereafter. Consequently, the Honors College is designed to integrate your classroom experiences with impactful service on campus and in the community.

Your first-year experience will introduce you to Honors Engaged, a program developed by the Honors College to address the pressing concerns and needs of community partners. Our staff asks you to consider root causes of social problems so that you can begin to affect positive change and experience impactful real-world learning. Service, for our students, is not about accumulating a particular number of hours, but forming relationships and building goals with our community partners. At the conclusion of the first-year experience, you’ll reflect on your experiences within Honors Engaged and ask not only what your service means for you, but what it means for the greater community. For a comprehensive directory of all service and outreach initiatives at the College of Charleston, please visit The Center for Civic Engagement’s website. To learn more, see the Honors Engaged blog