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The College of Charleston Honors College expands on partnerships between faculty and student by creating a vibrant and diverse living-learning community where personal attention gives the support students need to reach their goals during and after college. Inside the CofC Honors community, motivated students live, learn, and grow together while pursuing their unique interests and goals – everything from study abroad, internships, research and service projects at home and globally.

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News in the Honors College

Honors Introduction to Southern Studies
Posted on 19 February 2020 | 12:42 pm
By Bridget Conway ’22, Honors Content and Community Manager Whatever your current perceptions of the South are, Dr. Julia Eichelberger can certainly share a fact about the region that will make you stop for a moment and think. While most people view the South in an admirably positive or a condescendingly negative way, the truth of […]
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Student Focuses on Selfie-Reflection
Posted on 21 January 2020 | 8:58 am
Does narcissism vary by generation? That question fascinated Casey Roche, a senior psychology major intent on a career in developmental pediatrics. Her curiosity led her to existing studies and before she knew it, she was engaged in an ongoing research project with psychology professor Amy Kolak. Now, this study has become the focus of Roche’s […]
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