About the Honors College

Your story, here.

The College of Charleston Honors College expands on partnerships between faculty and student by creating a vibrant living-learning community where personal attention gives the support students need to reach their goals during and after college. Inside the CofC Honors community, motivated students live, learn, and grow together while pursuing their unique interests and goals – everything from study abroad, internships, research and service projects at home and globally.

The Honors College was originally established in 1967 as an Honors Program with just a few students. Today, the program has evolved into an Honors College with close to 700 students from across the nation and the world. As our community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff continues to grow, our commitment to academic excellence remains at the core of our program. The Honors College curriculum is rooted in the liberal arts tradition and challenges students to view the world from multiple perspectives. Honors students take about one-third of their courses through the Honors College – courses that are small, seminar style, and led by preeminent faculty members whose work is well known and respected among their peers.

As one honors student puts it, “The Honors College gives me the opportunity to explore ideas in greater depth, to work with the best faculty, to belong to a group that shares a common bond, and to learn through discussion rather than lecture.”

The College of Charleston Honors College:
A Tradition of Academic Excellence, a Culture of Collaboration, a Vision of Global Impact