The best way to learn about the Honors student experience is from a current Honors student! Honors Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the Honors College and support prospective students and applicants through the college application and decision process. They are dog-lovers, EMTs, plant parents, teaching and research assistants, ice cream enthusiasts, and, of course, great examples of the multitude of ways you can get involved at the College of Charleston!

If you are a prospective student that would like to meet with an Honors Ambassador, please complete this form. Depending on availability, ambassadors may be able to meet with you on campus, virtually, or in your hometown. 

Meet the Honors Student Ambassadors

Dani Gottlieb '23
St. Louis, MO
B.S. in Biology, minors in Chemistry and Jewish Studies

"The Honors College is what drew me most to the College of Charleston. I wanted to be surrounded by students who went above and beyond to be leaders in their school and community."


jess.jpgJessie Beck '22
Hopkinton, MA
B.A. in International Studies and Political Science, minor in History

"There were a few things that made me chose the Honors College at CofC. One of them was that it provided access to resources that helped me pursue personal and professional interests — whether it be information about internships, personal mentors and advisors, a community with diverse interests and backgrounds, interesting classes, specialized cohorts, or study abroad opportunities. The Honors College has made the future that I want more feasible and the faculty, staff, and students all encourage me to take advantage of any opportunity that I can."


meleanacabales.jpgMeleana Cabales '24
Goose Creek, SC
B.A. in Music with a concentration in Vocal Performance

"I chose the Honors College for its endless opportunities and sense of community. Because it is small, the Honors College allows me to pursue a rigorous, engaging education without sacrificing personal interaction with my peers and professors. It was vital for me to choose a school where my professors would be familiar with my career goals, but also with who I am as a person. The Honors College also provides its students with ample opportunities for professional development (networking, leadership, management, etc.) – something I found particularly attractive. I’ve only been here for half a semester, but it’s already clear to me that I made the right choice."


melanie-fischer.pngMelanie Fischer '23
Aiken, SC
B.S. in Marine Biology with minors in Environmental Studies and Geology
Involved in SCAMP (South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation in STEM)

"I chose the Honors College because of the promise of small class sizes and strong bonds with faculty and my peers. I prefer small groups and meaningful relationships, and the Honors College and Honors housing during my freshman year really built my friendships in college."


laurief1.jpgLaurie Fogelman '22
Norwood, NC
B.A. in Community and minor in Leadership, Change and Social Responsibility

" I love the Honors College for a few awesome reasons! The networking and community-building opportunities you get with the faculty as a student in the Honors College are amazing. The average class size is smaller so the professors really get to provide students with individual attention, which makes learning even more engaging and fun! I also love being able to learn and become involved in extracurricular groups with like-minded peers that have similar ambitions and goals. It is nice to know that both the faculty and students are here to challenge one another and learn new things each day! "


francescag.pngFrancesca Gibson '24
Charlottesville, VA
B.A. in International Studies and Psychology and minor in Russian Studies

"I chose the Honors College at CofC because I wanted to have a community of academically motivated individuals in college who would push me and help me to learn and grow. I also wanted to engage in a more academically rigorous schedule and have priority for choosing classes. Another perk of the Honors College that motivated me to join was the small class sizes. With small classes, I am able to interact more with my peers and, most importantly, my professors."


Kelsey Gallo '22
Pittsburgh, PA
B.A. in Religious Studies and minor in Spanish

"It’s got a variety of fascinating courses with smaller class sizes, so I’ve gotten to know everybody in my classes. I’ve had many friendly mentors and advisors who have assisted me with choosing these courses, getting internships and community service opportunities, and learning professional skills. I’ve also been privileged with a close community of other honors students and professors at the Berry Dorm, chances for financial aid, and access to a neat workspace at 10 Green Way. Of course, it’ll all result in an Honors degree, which always looks great on a resume."


jackg.pngJack Golder '23
Wilmington, NC
B.S. in Public Health and minors in Biology and Medical Humanities
Involved with Charleston 40, CofC EMS and MEDLIFE

"I chose the Honors College at CofC because I knew that they were a team of faculty and staff committed to ensuring that I receive the best education possible as an undergraduate student. They provide smaller classes, discussions instead of lectures, and professors teaching what they love, not what they are mandated."


jordan.jpgJordan James '22
Warren, OH
B.S. in Geology and minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

"From scholarships to internships to research, the Honors College has enabled me to discover my academic interests and passions in a community-minded environment. I also really value the close relationships I have forged with other students and professors because they will help propel me into my future career and life after graduation."


briannajoyner.jpgBrianna Joyner '24
North Myrtle Beach, SC
B.S. in Physics and Astrophysics and minors in Spanish and Women's and Gender Studies
Involved in Women in STEM, CofC Democrats, Alliance for Planet Earth and 7360 Dance Crew

"When I was considering what college to go to, I knew I did not want to just be a number in a class size of well over a hundred. The Honors College has allowed me to already develop wonderful relationships with advisors and professors that truly value my success and wellbeing. I have come to very much appreciate the community that the Honors College has developed where everyone has the mindset of collaboration instead of competition. I enjoy the smaller size and discussion format aspect of the honors courses that are available. The Honors College has opened so many doors for me in terms of internship, teaching, research, and extracurricular opportunities."


isaiah.pngIsaiah Kahn '23
Chapel Hill, NC
B.S. in Finance and minors in Computer Information Systems and Jewish Studies
Involved in the STEAM Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Community and ImpactX

"There is a culture of discipline within the honors college, which has helped me become a more well-rounded student. The honors community is very connected, there is always access to exploring new disciplines. I personally love the student/teacher ratios the honors courses can provide. I was also a part of the E-LLC (entrepreneurial living-learning community) which led me to make amazing friends and gain opportunities that I would have never found before joining."


gracekern.pngGrace Kern '23
Fort Mill, SC
B.A. in International Studies and Political Science with a concentration in Politics, Philosophy and Law

"I chose CofC Honors because it offered a sense of community and a personalized feel within the College as a whole. I loved that the Honors College allowed me to take smaller, more specialized classes with professors who are eager to engage with students throughout their college career. I was also drawn by unique Honors opportunities such as theInternational Scholars Program."


0.pngBryan Lassoe '24
Sullivan's Island, SC
B.A. in Political Science
Involved in Student Government Association and the Pre-Health Advising Program

"Making a college decision during the height of a pandemic was an extremely hard decision. I came to the decision to attend the Honors College because of the community it builds among students. Due to campus restrictions because of COVID-19, it is hard for many students to socialize and make friends around campus; However, the honors college community made this problem seamlessly disappear. The Honors College has provided me with a community that is both welcoming and friendly."


devin.pngDevin Leigh '24
Loris, SC
B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology and minor in Mathematics

"I chose the Honors College because it gives a more in-depth curriculum than a standard class that allows you to not just learn the content, but engage with it as well. I plan on attending the Medical University of South Carolina and the Honors College has already been such a wonderful help for getting me on the right track."


gabiloue-2.pngGabi Loue '22
Wilmington, NC
B.A. in International Studies and English

"I chose the College of Charleston Honors College because there are so many opportunities open to their students, including interesting classes, and I wanted to experience the most this school and city has to offer. I also get the chance to be part of a smaller community within the larger CofC campus, one that includes like-minded students and intelligent professors who are open to discussing a wide range of topics. I love being in the beautiful city of Charleston as well, and get to not only have a fulfilling academic experience, but also the chance to experience a wonderful and popular city."


chloemattila.pngChloe Mattila '22
Mount Pleasant, SC
B.S. in Mathematics and B.A. in International Studies

"I decided to choose the CofC’s Honors College because I knew I wanted a more rigorous academic path. Also, I went to a smaller high school where I knew everyone in my grade and I knew I liked and preferred a smaller community, so the Honors College was able to provide me with that. Beyond those factors, I appreciated the smaller class sizes, individual advising, and the amazing programs and other opportunities provided to people within the Honors Community. For example, through the Honors College I got the opportunity to be a part of the International Scholars Program and the summer after my freshman year I went to Estonia with the program!"


carlislemccullough.pngCarlisle McCullough '23
Savannah, GA
B.S. in Biology

"CofC is the perfect size in the perfect city, and the Honors College makes the campus a bit smaller and more familiar to me. In addition, the Honors College offers added rigor, responsibility, and opportunity. As a pre-med student, I was attracted to the amazing opportunities available to students including research, internships, jobs, and healthcare connections. The Honors College offers smaller classes, early registration, expert guidance, and engaging professors. Developing close relationships with fellow classmates and faculty is truly unique and instrumental in future endeavors." 


lucasmoyon.pngLucas Moyon '23
Rock Hill, SC
B.S. in Economics, Physics and Astronomy

"I love CofC’s Honors College because of the amazing experiences I have had with the other Honors students. It is so easy to meet fun, smart people in your Honors classes and living in Berry with your fellow Honors students. The Honors classes always have a small class size and engaging professors, so you are sure to kindle lifelong friendships there. In Berry, all the students from your Honors classes are a few rooms away, so you can get to know them even better!"


sammiramsden-1.pngSamantha Ramsden '22
Kinnelon, NJ
B.S. in Computing in the Arts

"I feel I do my best in smaller, closer-knit environments like that of the Honors College. The Honors College gives me the chance to feel closer to people who have similar interests, and connect me with a plethora of professors and faculty that want me to succeed. Here, I am given a challenging, rewarding, and supportive environment that helps me grow as a student and a professional."


channingsmith.pngChanning Smith '24
Ware Shoals, SC
B.S. in Computer Science with a concentration in Cybersecurity
Involved in Women and STEM and STEAM-ELLC

"I decided to apply to the Honors College so that I would have a smaller class size and be able to interact with my professors more and also be a part of a community of like-minded individuals. Everyone in the Honors College really pushes you to be the best that you can be, and I really admire that. My Honors Advisor, Professor Affonso, (and my E-LLC professor) keeps me on my toes and is always there to lend a hand when needed. Along with the community, the Honors College offers many opportunities to get involved in around campus and for your future."


courtneysmith.pngCourtney Smith '23
Fort Mill, SC
B.A. in Communication and Political Science
Involved with CougarVotes, the Student Government Association and Cistern Yard Media

"Personally, I chose the Honors College because I felt like it offered me a challenge and a variety of opportunities that are not readily available to other students. I went to a competitive high school and it was a breath of fresh air to hear that the Honors students are extremely supportive of each other."


melanies.jpgMelanie Snider '23
North Augusta, SC
B.S. in Psychology and minor in Medical Humanities
Involved in the REACH Program as a mentor and Women in STEM

"I chose to come to the Honors College because I was looking for a tight-knit community of students and faculty. I was hoping to find a group of like-minded students and supportive faculty, along with opportunities for research and internships."


jenna-s-photo.jpgJenna Stern '24
Richmond, VA
B.S. in Accounting and minor in Jewish Studies
Involved in Chucktown Sound Pep Band and Hillel

"When I was looking for a school, I wanted a place where my professors would know my name and be there to help me succeed. The Honors College really felt like the perfect community where that would happen. Also, I enjoyed that the class sizes were smaller and discussion-based because I thrive so much better in that environment. In addition, I liked that there were a wide array of classes I could take that would really go with what I wanted to study. Finally, I liked the community aspect of the Honors College. Everyone here is so friendly and really wants you to succeed."


ryliet.pngRylie Talmadge '23
Knoxville, TN
B.S. in Marine Biology

"The moment I stepped onto the iconic bricks, I felt immediately welcomed and charmed by the warm atmosphere, steeped in tradition. I had such genuine conversations with students and faculty that I knew I would find a new home in the CofC community. The Honors curriculum was built in such a way that my academic and professional aspirations were not only supported but encouraged beyond my expectations. I was thrilled to join a student body made up of some of the brightest and kindest minds." 


lynnat.pngLynna Tran '24
Myrtle Beach, SC
B.S. in International Business and minor in Spanish

"Throughout my college application process last year, I had a very difficult time deciding between schools. However, after visiting and researching more about CofC Honors, I immediately felt a sense of connection and belonging in this environment. The culture, students, faculty, and staff all work together well to make sure everyone successfully achieves their goals. Additionally, the internship/job opportunities, connections, and specialized learning truly foster a more engaged environment that you couldn’t get with any other school."


emmavh.pngEmma Van Horne '23
Columbia, SC
B.S. in Biochemistry and Biology

"One of the reasons I found the Honors College so appealing was because, as a student here, you receive the best of both worlds. You are able to receive the individualized attention that a smaller institution would offer you, while also benefiting from the plethora of resources and opportunities of a larger college. As a pre-med student, the Honors College has given me opportunities that have allowed me to work as a research student in the Biochemistry department, join the EMS team on campus and begin my EMT certification, and they have a great relationship with MUSC, which helps pre-med students immensely. When choosing a college, I wanted the community and excitement of a larger school while also getting individualized attention, great opportunities, and a community of like-minded students, which is why I chose the Honors College."


caitlinwatts-1.jpgCaitlin Watts '23
Rock Hill, SC
B.S. in Biology

"I chose to come to the Honors College because of the countless opportunities it presents. From networking connections with professors, potential mentors, and fellow students to workshops focusing on growing your professional profile and widening your landscape, the Honors College has opened doors that before I would not have even known to open. The relationships built in and because of the Honors College are truly unique, authentic, and lasting!"


calliewershing-2.pngCallie Wershing '22
Knoxville, TN
B.A. in International Studies with a concentration in Asia and B.A. in Political Science

"I chose CofC’s Honors College because of the sense of community it offers. I was also very interested in the amazing opportunities it presented, such as traveling to Estonia with the International Scholars Program. Aside from that, I really appreciate the individual advising, early class registration, and small class sizes."

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is focused on making the Honors College more inclusive and welcoming to students of all backgrounds. They've led a Series on Race discussion group for current Honors students and offer critical support to the planning and implementation of the annual Honors College Interview Weekend. If you have any questions for the Outreach Committee, let us know by emailing 


aliece-2.pngAliece Hurley '23
Columbia, SC
B.A. in Political Science and International Studies with a concentration in Global Studies
Involved in ResLife, the Black Student Union, the Bonner Leader Program and the Charleston Fellows Program

"I chose CofC’s Honors College because of the thorough and personal mentoring Honors provides to its students. Although I applied to a lot of larger schools out-of-state, no institution exemplified the same careful attention each and every Honors student receives here at The College of Charleston. Additionally, there are countless resources and opportunities provided by the Honors College that will equip me with the right tools for law school and beyond."


andrea-2.pngAndrea Kimpson '23
Columbia, SC
B.S. in International Studies with a concentration in Latin America and the Caribbean
Involved in Student Government Association, CougarVotes, the Charleston Fellows Society and the Scholar Citizen Initiative

"I chose the Honors College because I was looking for a strong foundation for the rest of my academic and professional career. Throughout the application and admissions process, I was continually amazed at the large number of students doing incredible things because of the immense resources and opportunities provided by the Honors College. I met students who had conducted independent research, worked on political campaigns, and started organizations on and off campus—all within their four years as undergraduates. I wanted those same opportunities for myself and the Honors College promised to light pathways to invaluable experiences. Additionally, in comparison to the other schools I considered, the faculty and staff of the Honors College displayed an unprecedented level of support and concern for their students. The Honors College is willing to make an investment in you and provides the people necessary to help you realize your own potential."

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors (SAs) are part of the Office of Admissions who assist in the recruitment and retention of multicultural and first-generation students here at the College by assisting with information sessions, providing campus tours, meeting with prospective/accepted students and families, travelling to local high schools or college fairs, hosting prospective students overnight, and participating in all other Admissions recruitment events. The following Student Ambassadors are also part of the Honors College.
jayscott.jpgJay Scott '23
Columbia, SC
B.A. in Middle Grades Education and minor in Creative Writing
"I chose CofC’s Honors College because I’ve always enjoyed being involved in academic settings that actively encourage rigorous work inside AND outside of the classroom. Also, knowing people that were already in the Honors College when I applied, I’d gotten a glimpse of what the experience would be like. When I met members of the faculty, it further confirmed my place within the Honors College; they actively recognized my cultural identity and took time to learn about who I was as a student."


morganwalker.jpgMorgan Walker '22
Columbia, SC
B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology

"I chose the College of Charleston’s Honors College because it offered me opportunities and advantages that allowed me to develop not only as a student but as a person. The Honors College has allowed me to secure unique internships, club positions, and has developed a unique sense of community among myself and my peers. Also, I chose the Honor’s College here at CofC because I knew I always wanted to go to medical school. The Honors College provides numerous resources, pre-health advising, and has a very strong network with MUSC."


hayleturner.jpgHayle Turner '23
Columbia, SC
B.A. in Political Science and Communication

"I chose the Honors College because of the amazing faculty and the fact that it has such a close-knit community. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive of each other. It’s amazing to know that I have so many people that are dedicated to seeing me succeed."