Honors Student Ambassadors

The Honors Ambassador program allows prospective students to gain insight on life as a CofC Honors student straight from the source – Honors students themselves! Honors Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the Honors College and assist with recruitment events such as Honors Info Sessions, Interview Weekend, and Honors Experience. They also serve as faces of the Honors community on social media and throughout the recruitment and admissions process.

If you are a prospective student that would like to meet with an Honors Ambassador, please complete this form. Depending on availability, ambassadors may be able to meet with you on campus, virtually, or in your hometown. 

Meet Our Student Ambassadors!

Mercedes Banker

こんにちは!My name is Mercedes Banker, and I'm a sophomore here at the Honors College of CofC. I'm double majoring in CITA: Game Dev and Interaction as well as English: Creative Writing. I'm also minoring in Japanese Studies! I'm also a part of a great deal of clubs, all of which revolve around either some type of dancing (i.e. 7360 Crew Kpop dance cover troupe and Meira Bellydancing troupe) or culture (i.e. the Japanese culture club, Korean culture club and sometimes the Chinese culture club) :P  

Why the Honors College: I chose the Honors College because I wanted a rigorous curriculum. I've always loved school and, similarly, have loved meeting people who feel the same. In my high school, I was usually the only one fond of school, so I was hoping that by joining I'd find others with similar interests to mine. In addition, I wanted the prestige that comes with being a part of a more exclusive group at the college and all of the benefits that come with such membership.  

For new students: Don't be afraid to try new things! Trust me on this one - the semesters go by quick and the possibility that you might miss something you might love is actually pretty high. For instance, I went to at least twelve different clubs during the first two weeks of my freshmen year and continued to stay with ten of them for the remainder of the year. I've narrowed those clubs down to about seven now, but I've learned so much from each different activity I participated in. Don't feel obligated to stay, but do feel encouraged to try! <3 

Things I love: Dancing!!! I absolutely loveeee it. Which is weird, considering it was a hobby I picked up over quarantine (well, besides some classes I took when I was ten). I'm actually in a KPop cover group and a belly-dancing troupe right now and am always eager to learn more styles :) I also love studying and tutoring (particularly Japanese because I'm quite fond of foreign languages). Ooh and working out - that’s super fun too! I really just love so many things in life right now, but dancing and studying are definitely the most prominent in my life.  

What I can be caught doing in my spare time: Get ready for a shocker - dancing! Dancing and studying. 24/7 <3 You can usually find me at Ding Tea drinking boba lol :P It calms me down when the studying gets stressful. When I have some extra free time, though, I also like to cosplay, go to cons, watch Kdramas and anime and things like that!  

Jessica Beck

Jessica Beck headshot

Hello! I’m Jessie Beck and I’m a Junior from Hopkinton, MA. I am an International Studies and Political Science double major with a minor in History.

Why the Honors College: There were a few things that made me chose the Honors College at CofC. One of them was that it provided access to resources that helped me pursue personal and professional interests — whether it be information about internships, personal mentors and advisors, a community with diverse interests and background, interesting classes, specialized cohorts, or study abroad opportunities. The Honors College has made the future that I want more feasible and the faulty, staff, and students all encourage me to take advantage of any opportunity that I can.

For Prospective and New Students: Some people have a dream school and some don’t, both are okay. No matter where you end up for college you have the potential to be happy and successful there. College can be overwhelming for many reasons, but stay confident in yourself and your abilities. Seek out opportunities, advice, and friends — you are an active agent in pursuing your goals.

Things I Love: New England, mostly for nostalgia reasons. Ravioli, for obvious reasons. My teddy bear. My siblings. A summer camp up in Maine. Addlestone Library. Puzzles of all sorts. Card games, especially if I’m winning. Handwritten letters.

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: Playing Solitaire, if I’m alone — other card games if I’m not alone. Hopefully reading somethings besides stuff for school. Calling my family when I’m at school and friends when I’m at home. Writing letters to my grandmother. Going for walks. Daydreaming about owning a farm in Vermont or one of the beautiful homes south of Broad.

Meleana Cabales

Meleana Cabales headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Meleana Cabales, and I’m from Goose Creek, SC. I’m a freshman here at the Honors College majoring in Music with a concentration in Vocal Performance. This is my first semester as an Honors Ambassador, and I’m super excited about it! 

Why the Honors College? I chose the Honors College for its endless opportunities and sense of community. Because it is small, the Honors College allows me to pursue a rigorous, engaging education without sacrificing personal interaction with my peers and professors. It was vital for me to choose a school where my professors would be familiar with my career goals, but also with who I am as a person. The Honors College also provides its students with ample opportunities for professional development (networking, leadership, management, etc.) – something I found particularly attractive. I’ve only been here for half a semester, but it’s already clear to me that I made the right choice. 

For prospective and new students: The college application process can feel chaotic and confusing but rest assured that you will end up where you are meant to beIt’s so easy to feel nervous about school, but it’s something to be excited about! You have so many opportunities to meet new people, get involved with various clubs, and explore your personal interests. Everything you could ask for is available, it’s just up to you to pursue it! 

Things I love: Opera and classical music, cute stationery, writing and receiving letters, Spanish Netflix dramas, sloths and axolotls, inspiring quotes and song lyrics. 

What I can be caught doing in my spare time: About twice a week, I find time to walk down to the waterfront. Not only is it good exercise, but Charleston has so many unique sights to see on the way there. My suitemate and I also spend a lot of time in my room hanging out and watching movies. On my own, I do a lot of practicing and listening to new music. 

Maddie Carrino

Maddie Carrino headshot

Hello! I’m Maddie Carrino and I am a sophomore from Southern Maryland! I am a Data Science Major with a concentration in Business Analytics and a Political Science minor. I am also a voting member of Student Government Association and a member of the Women in STEM club! 

Why the Honors College:I chose the Honors College for two reasons: community and academics. The close-knit family that you become a part of when you join the Honors College is so unique to The College. The love and respect that the Honors faculty have for their students is truly tangible. With this close-knit community comes individualized attention. The Honors College provides students with enriching opportunities that play to your strengths as an individual, which is something you won’t find at other institutions. The opportunity to take more rigorous courses, specialized colloquium classes, and have an additional Honors advisor were driving factors in my decision.  

For Prospective and New Students:Cherish every moment. Soon will be your last moments at home for a while, and your first moments with some lifelong friends. Every moment, even when that moment is a 2 A.M. fire drill in Berry, is fleeting, so cherish them!  

Things I Love:I love, love, love the beach (Sullivan’s is the best FYI). I love walking through Cougar Mall in the mornings during class change. The Cistern at Christmas. The flowers that bloom at the battery in springtime. A good cup of coffee. My family. Learning. Looking up at the cables while on the Ravenel Bridge.  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time:While spare time is rare in my schedule, you can find me at the beach, painting, on a walk downtown, or hanging out with friends! The walking trail on Lockwood Dr. is beautiful at sunset.        

Melanie Fischer

Melanie Fischer headshot

Hi, I’m Melanie and I’m a sophomore from Aiken, South Carolina. I am a marine biology major with environmental studies and geology minors. I am also a part of the SCAMP (South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation in STEM) program on campus, so ask me questions about what it entails.  

Why the Honors College: I chose the Honors College because of the promise of small class sizes and strong bonds with faculty and my peers. I prefer small groups and meaningful relationships, and the Honors College and Honors housing during my freshman year really built my friendships in college. I also wanted to take some of the interesting and unique courses only offered in Honors College. I have been lucky enough to take an intriguing Ecology of War class last semester, and hope to take a course called Postcards from Mexico next semester.  

For Prospective and New Students: I would recommend coming into the process with an idea of what you want and are expecting from the Honors College. Hopefully, the program is a good fit for you, but if it’s not don’t worry! There are so many great clubs, organizations, and other programs to get involved with on campus. I hope you consider the Honors College. I know I am really glad I did!  

Things I Love: I love living in a city like Charleston because you can walk everywhere. I love walking to the waterfront with friends, reading outside on campus, and just discovering things in downtown Charleston. I love kayaking, reading on the beach, chilling in my hammock, and watching baseball games (Go Red Sox!).   

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: Around campus, you can catch me doing work or reading/chilling in Rivers Green. Other than that I am probably playing the Sims on my computer, hanging with friends, or listening to music.     

Laurie Fogleman

laurief.jpgHey everyone! I’m Laurie Fogleman and I am a junior originally from Norwood, North Carolina! I am a Communication major and a Leadership, Change, and Social Responsibility minor. This is my first semester serving as an Honors Ambassador!   

Why the Honors College: I love the Honors College for a few awesome reasons! The networking and community-building opportunities you get with the faculty as a student in the Honors College are amazing. The average class size is smaller so the professors really get to provide students with individual attention, which makes learning even more engaging and fun! I also love being able to learn and become involved in extracurricular groups with like-minded peers that have similar ambitions and goals. It is nice to know that both the faculty and students are here to challenge one another and learn new things each day!   

For Prospective and New Students: Advice I always like to give new students is to get as involved as possible, as early as possible! No matter where you go, this is so important. Everyone wants to find “their people” and make friends. One of the best ways to do this is by joining clubs/organizations and attending campus events. Even if it’s something you’re not too sure you will enjoy or didn’t do it in high school, give it a shot. College is all about trying new things. It is normal to join and drop new things, so take advantage of all you have to explore and get involved from the start! :)   

Things I Love: I love spending time with my friends and family! My dad’s side of the family lives here (both of my cousins graduated from CofC) and my parents recently moved to the Charleston area as well. So needless to say, I love, love, love everything Chucktown and CofC, and am so thankful it is my home. Also a huge fan of coffee and watching sunsets/sunrises.  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: Studying with friends at a local coffee shop, going on a run, watching the sunset at the Battery, riding bikes through the streets, finding new hidden gems in the city (whether its restaurants or study spots), or people watching on King Street! 

Francesca Gibson

Francesca Gibson headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Francesca Gibson, and I am a freshman planning on majoring in International Studies, Psychology, and minoring in Russian Studies. This is my first semester as an ambassador for the Honors College. 

Why the Honors College: I chose the Honors College at CofC because I wanted to have a community of academically motivated individuals in college who would push me and help me to learn and grow. I also wanted to engage in a more academically rigorous schedule and have priority for choosing classes. Another perk of the Honors College that motivated me to join was the small class sizes. With small classes, I am able to interact more with my peers and, most importantly, my professors. 

For Prospective New Students: Keep asking yourself questions during this process. Focus on what you value and desire in a college experience, not what your parents, friends, or peers think. Now is a time for discovering yourself. Also, it is okay to not have all of the answers to your questions! The important thing to do now is introspection. 

Things I Love: I absolutely love going to the beach (especially Folly or Sullivan's)! I also love taking long walks to the battery and the dock by the Pineapple Fountain late at night with friends. The city is so quiet and beautiful at night. The food in Charleston also cannot be beat, though it isn't the friendliest towards my wallet. 

In my Spare Time: You can usually find me reading, listening to music, or eating sushi. I will often be hanging out with my friends in the patio behind City Bistro (behind the Honors dorms at Berry)!    

Kelsey Gallo

Hi! I’m Kelsey and I’m a junior from Pittsburgh, PA. I’m a Religious Studies major with a minor in Spanish. This is my first semester as an Honors Ambassador. I can’t wait to meet all your new faces!  

Why the Honors College: I chose the Honors College because it enabled me to be the best student that I can be. It’s got a variety of fascinating courses with smaller class sizes, so I’ve gotten to know everybody in my classes. I’ve had many friendly mentors and advisors who have assisted me with choosing these courses, getting internships and community service opportunities, and learning professional skills. I’ve also been privileged with a close community of other honors students and professors at the Berry Dorm, chances for financial aid, and access to a neat workspace at 10 Green Way.  Of course, it’ll all result in an Honors degree, which always looks great on a resume. 

For Prospective and New Students: Make sure you make time for self-care. Do something you enjoy, whether through a club or organization or by yourself, to give yourself breaks from studying. Also, check out resources on campus that can help you succeed, like the Center for Student Learning or the Career Center. Slow down, live in the moment and have fun! 

Things I Love: A warm cup of tea. Board games… and card games too. Meditation. Nature. Charleston’s Southern hospitality. Basking in the sights of some of my favorite places on campus, like Stern Gardens and the porch in front of Maybank Hall. 

What I Can be Caught Doing in My Spare Time: I’m an intern for the Charleston Interreligious Council, but when I’m not interning or doing homework, you can find me watching Youtube videos, reading graphic novels, or listening to music. While I’m not in the dorm, I’m often strolling through campus, singing at church, or meeting my Mom or Dad who live in Myrtle Beach at a restaurant in the area -- and of course, taking photos wherever I go.

Jack Golder

Jack Golder headshot

Hello! My name is Jack and I am a sophomore public health major with tentative minors in biology and medical humanities, on a pre-med track! This will be my first semester as an Honors Ambassador!  

Why the Honors College: I choose the honors college at CofC because I knew that they were a team of faculty and staff committed to ensuring that I receive the best education possible as an undergraduate student. They provide smaller classes, discussions instead of lectures, and professors teaching what they love, not what they are mandated.   

For Prospective and New Students: It will take time to adjust from high school. You are in a new city, meeting new people, trying new things, and your first semester will be the most important of your college career. Take time to find what interests you, make time for yourself and hobbies, and try new things. Your classes will be hard, but instead of getting upset over what's going wrong, go to the CSL, join study groups, and make connections with your professors. I promise you,  they are nicer than they appear.   

Things I love: Baking for my roommates is a must on a weekly basis. Also, I always make time to spend time with my friends around the Charleston area. Anything from getting lost on the cobblestone streets to doing beach workouts on Sullivan's Island, we live in an amazing city, make the most of it! 

What can I be caught doing in my spare time: When I'm not in class, I spend a lot of time devoted to the clubs/organizations that I'm a part of! You can catch me giving campus tours to prospective students, rowing along the Ashley river every morning with the crew team, serving as an EMT with our campus EMS group, and planning trips and fundraisers as an executive member of MEDLIFE. 

Dani Gottlieb

Dani Gottlieb headshotHello, my name is Dani and I am a sophomore at the College of Charleston and I am from St. Louis, Missouri.  I am a Biology major on the pre-med track and I am also minoring in Chemistry and Jewish Studies. This fall will be my third semester as an Honors Ambassador! 

Why the Honors College:  The Honors College is what drew me most to College of Charleston.  I wanted to be surrounded by students who went above and beyond to be leaders in their school and community.  The Honors College students have a fervency to create change and make the world their own.  The Honors College curriculum teaches pushes to be well rounded and to think critically.  I have had many amazing mentors in the honors college, most of them being my closest friends. 

For Prospective and New Students:  Take advantage of the opportunities available to you!  Make the most out of your education.  Ask clarifying questions in class, go to office hours and SI, use the library resources.  Also, join clubs as soon as you can!  Doing this will help you meet people with the same interests as you, and some of them will even be in your classes! 

Things I love: I love walking around Charleston and finding new places to eat.  Right now, I enjoy finding new recipes to cook for my roommate and I.  Also, I love using Netflix party with my friends so we can watch shows together. 

What I can be caught doing in my spare time: In my spare time, I am a Media Production Intern for a private medical company.  I am a Supplemental Instructor for the Center for Student Learning and I hold an off-campus job.  I love to find new music to listen to and buy new records for my record player. I spend a lot of time working with the Women in STEM Club, as I serve as the Vice President.  

Skye Jacobson


Hello, my name is Skye! I am from Fort Mill, SC., and I am a Senior double majoring in Biochemistry and Chemistry and minoring in Spanish. 

Why the Honors College: I chose the Honors College here at College of Charleston because of the genuine nature of all the faculty and the increased opportunity it provided me for mentorship. I had a very difficult time choosing between colleges, but anytime I had questions or wanted second opinions, it felt as though every professor and some of the students I had met in the program gave me earnest answers and cared about my future. The Honors College has helped me to change from a soft-spoken introvert into a strong leader that feels confident about her future. Through the Honors College I’ve been provided the opportunity to volunteer with amazing organizations and participate in interesting undergraduate research I never would have imagined possible.  

For Prospective and New Students: It’s okay to feel a little nervous, whether you’re about to walk onto campus for the time or starting your college search. That nervousness is just the preface to the excitement you will feel getting to dive into interesting classes and meet wide arrayof people, both professionally and socially. My one piece of advice is: say yes often. Go see a play, walk around campus, try a new club or new activity; go to the beach. You have four years of cool experiences ahead of you, so stay focused on your goals while not forgetting to take advantage of the true liberal arts college experience. 

Things I love: The School of Science and Mathematics building, SSMB, has a large courtyard behind it with a large grassy space. It’s the perfect space to study if you want to get some fresh air but don’t want to be around a lot of people. I also love plopping a blanket out in the cistern and simply people watching while reading for classes, the perfect afternoon break.  

What I can be caught doing in my free time: I have a lot of random hobbies, my current one being surfing! You’ll find me down at the wash-out in folly most Saturday mornings, or walking around downtown with my camera, taking photos of my friends and the beautiful scenery that is Charleston. There’s also a good chance you’ll find me reading a book with some coffee outside of one of the many cafés around campus. 

Jordan James


Hi everybody! My name is Jordan James, and I am a Junior Geology major and Environmental and Sustainability Studies minor at the College, and this is my third semester as an ambassador for the Honors College.

Why the Honors College: I chose the Honors College at CofC because of the plethora of opportunities I found here. From scholarships to internships to research, the Honors College has enabled me to discover my academic interests and passions in a community-minded environment. I also really value the close relationships I have forged with other students and professors because they will help propel me into my future career and life after graduation.

For Prospective and New Students: Put yourself out there! Whether this constitutes joining a club, applying for that internship or job, or talking to the people in your classes, I highly recommend meeting new people and trying new things. College is this amazing place to explore your interests and make friends with people from cities other than your hometown. It will be those memories and connections that you remember and cherish after college.

Things I Love: Soaking up the Charleston sunlight on a warm afternoon, going on a run across the Ravenel Bridge, hula-hooping in the Cistern Yard after class, biking down to the Battery to watch the sunset, or going to the beach on a relaxing Saturday (or pretty much anything that involves being outside and in the fresh air).

What I Can Be Caught Doing in My Spare Time: Most days you can catch me doing homework, watering my plants, baking banana bread, or reading a good book with a cup of tea. I can also be found hanging out with my roommates and going on golden hour photoshoot adventures where I will always be listening and singing along to music.

Mikyra Joines

Mikyra Joines headshot

Hey y’all! My name is Mikyra Joines and I am an Honors College freshman who is majoring in Political Science and Communication. I am from Pageland, South Carolina, which isn’t very big so I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know where it is. I am a member of the Bonner Leader Program, which is a civic engagement program that allows me to work with the Charleston community and give back to those around me, and I am in SPECTRA! I cannot wait to work with the Honors Admissions team and help prospective students hopefully find their homes here! 










Brianna Joyner


Hey guys! My name is Brianna Joyner and I am a freshman at the college from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I am hoping to double major in Physics B.S. & Astrophysics B.S. with minors in Spanish & Women’s and Gender Studies. I am involved in some clubs and organizations including: Society of Physics Students, Women in STEM, CofC Democrats, Alliance for Planet Earth (Leadership Board), CofC Vegan Club, Charleston Space Club, and 7360 Dance Crew.  

Why the Honors College: When I was considering what college to go to, I knew I did not want to just be a number in a class size of well over a hundred. The Honors College has allowed me to already develop wonderful relationships with advisors and professors that truly value my success and wellbeing. I have come to very much appreciate the community that the Honors College has developed where everyone has the mindset of collaboration instead of competition. I enjoy the smaller size and discussion format aspect of the honors courses that are available. The Honors College has opened so many doors for me in terms of internship, teaching, research, and extracurricular opportunities.  

For New Students: I would encourage new students to get involved, meet new friends, and just be yourself because everyone else is already taken. There are so many resources at your disposal through the Honors College and everyone involved is determined to give you the best experience possible. I also encourage you to utilize the academic resources such as office hours and lab tutoring so you can get the most out of your time at the College of Charleston.  

Things I Love: I love to walk around the city and discover new things whether that be a new café, study spot, thrift store, or market. I love to try new foods and do yoga outside with friends. I also love the community of Charleston and how diverse it is.  

What I Can Be Caught Doing During My Spare Time: In my spare time, you can probably find me reading an Astronomy book or learning to ride a skateboard (it is a new hobby of mine). I also love the outdoors so you can most likely find me wandering around the city probably going into every little thrift store I pass.  

Isaiah Kahn

Isaiah Kahn headshot

Hey, my name is Isaiah, I am a Sophomore at the College of Charleston and I am from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I am a Finance Major with minors in Computer Information Systems and Jewish Studies. This Fall is my first semester as an Honors Ambassador! 

Why the Honors College: The honors college provides an outlet for students to be surrounded by other amazing people. There is a culture of discipline within the honors college, which has helped me become a more well-rounded student. The honors community is very connected, there is always access to exploring new disciplines. I personally love the student/teacher ratios the honors courses can provide. I was also a part of the E-LLC (entrepreneurial living learning community) which led me to make amazing friends and gain opportunities that I would have never found before joining. 

For Prospective and New Students: Everyone says this but take advantage of all of your resources. You never know if you will or will not enjoy something until you try it, and CofC provides so many new things to try. The peer mentoring has been very valuable for me. 

Things I love: I have picked up surfing this year, and have always loved fishing down here. I love the students that go to CofC and the amazing city we are lucky enough to live in. Movie/game nightsare always a great time, but the best thing about Charleston is you never know what you will end up doing next. 

What I can be caught doing in my spare time:I have been working as a Census Enumerator through the beginning of this semester. I also am mentoring two living learning communities as well as also being an ambassador for the Jewish Studies department. I end up doing the most random things throughout the school year though, it is hard to pinpoint everything I end up doing in my spare time! 

Grace Kern

Grace Kern headshot

Hello! My name is Grace, and I’m a Sophomore at the College double majoring in International Studies and Political Science with a concentration in Politics, Philosophy, & Law. This is my second semester as an Honors Ambassador, and I’m so pumped to be working with the Honors Admissions Team again!

Why the Honors College? I chose CofC Honors because it offered a sense of community and a personalized feel within the College as a whole. I loved that the Honors College allowed me to take smaller, more specialized classes with professors who are eager to engage with students throughout their college career. I was also drawn by unique Honors opportunities such as theInternational Scholars Program.

For Prospective & New Students: First of all, you’ve got this! The period in which you are applying to, choosing, and preparing to enroll in college can feel overwhelming (on a good day!), but the best piece of advice I could offer is to just lean into all of the change. The more you are able to embrace the uncertainty of this time and use it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world around you, the less scary the changes will seem when they actually arrive. Also, at risk of sounding like a parent, there’s no one quite like you, and you will never regret staying true to yourself and trusting your own gut!

Things I Love: ​Bike rides down to the Battery, picnic dinners in the Cistern with friends,re-watching sitcoms (there are episodes of New Girl that I’ve seen six or seven times), writing, playing, & listening to music, eating my way through the best vegan spots in Charleston, and reading a good book on a rainy day.

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: If I’m not in my apartment (living with your best friends during a pandemic = lots of together time inside), you can find me doing homework in Rivers Green, taking a walk/riding my bike to give my brain a break from Zoom meetings, or if the stars align, taking a beach nap on Sullivan’s Island.

Bryan Lassoe

Bryan Lassoe headshot

Hello everyone! My name is Bryan. I am from Sullivan's Island, SC, and I am a freshman in the Honors College majoring in Political Science on the Pre-Med track.  

Why the Honors College: Making a college decision during the height of a pandemic was an extremely hard decision. I came to the decision to attend the Honors College because of the community it builds among students. Due to campus restrictions because of COVID-19, it is hard for many students to socialize and make friends around campus; However, the honors college community made this problem seamlessly disappear. The Honors College has provided me with a community that is both welcoming and friendly. 

For Prospective and New Students: The biggest piece of advice I can give is to not stress! Just like many other freshmen, I was unsure as to what I wanted to major in coming into college, and this stressed me out; However, the Honors College has helped alleviate this stress. As an Honors College student, I was provided with unbeatable advisors that helped guide me in the right direction and to find what I was passionate about. My other piece of advice is to get involved on campus as much as you can! This is the best way to meet people and to truly experience all that the College of Charleston has to offer! 

Things I Love: As you can tell from my major, I am interested in medicine and politics. Currently, I work part-time in an ambulance as an EMT for the local county. I am also a political campaign intern for U.S. Congressmen Joe Cunningham. While I am deeply passionate about both positions, I do enjoy my downtime and like spending time with my friends.  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: While I just mentioned that I work as an EMT and an intern for a political campaign, on campus, I am a Freshman Senator for SGA, involved in Greek life, and am a member of the E-LLC in the Honors College. I am also a member of various clubs across campus. 

Devin Leigh

Devin Leigh headshot

Hello! My name is Devin Leigh and I am a freshman at the College majoring in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology and a minor in Mathematics. This is my first semester as an Honors Ambassador and I am super excited to be a part of the team! I chose the Honors College because it gives a more in-depth curriculum than a standard class that allows you to not just learn the content, but engage with it as well. I plan on attending the Medical University of South Carolina and the Honors College has already been such a wonderful help for getting me on the right track. The Honors College is an excellent place to meet others that have the same passion as you for learning. It is such a wonderful environment to be a part of and I hope you join us for the adventure as well! 







Kelly Lifchez

Kelly Lifchez headshot

Hi! My name is Kelly, I’m from Columbia, SC., and I am a Senior majoring in International Studies and Economics and minoring in Russian Studies and Math.  

Why the Honors College: I chose CofC’s Honors College because I knew it would give me more opportunities for mentorship than I would ever find anywhere else. When I was choosing between colleges, the faculty and even the other students at CofC’s Honors College seemed to genuinely care about my future and wanted to build strong relationships with me. That has held true, and because of the strong relationships I have been able to create with members of the College community, I have also been presented with incredible opportunities for studying abroad, conducting undergraduate research, and networking – everything I had ever hoped for and more.  

For Prospective and New Students: Get excited. Allow yourself to learn for the love of learning and to be excited about every new opportunity that comes your way. The College of Charleston will support you in every way possible to help you achieve your goals, and it will also help you to enjoy the journey. Go to speaker events, try out classes that have nothing to do with your intended major, join a club that simply makes you happy – appreciate every experience. Live where your feet are – you will end up somewhere great some day, so be sure to slow down and enjoy each step of the journey that gets you there.  

Things I Love: Walking through the center of campus early in the morning on my way to Addlestone Library. The Spanish moss and the mist around the old lamposts are beautiful and peaceful, and they make me feel connected to centuries of learning and history (both good and bad). This is always the perfect way to start my morning before I set up shop in the library, which is another one of my favorite places to be.  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: I love history and architecture, so I spend a lot of my spare time walking around historic neighborhoods in Charleston, reading historic sign-posts and admiring various historic preservation projects. Sometimes, when things are really crazy, I like to sit in the sun in the Cistern and “unplug.” This usually leads to me playing with someone’s dog as they walk past…  

Brianna Ludlum

Brianna Ludlum headshotHello! My name is Brianna, I am a Psychology major and Spanish minor at the College of Charleston. I’m just coming into my junior year here at the College and this is my fifth semester serving as an Honors Ambassador.

Why the Honors College: I chose CofC’s Honors College because of the overwhelming support that you receive. Every time potential students ask me my favorite thing about the College, I always tell them my Honors advisor. I am a naturally overwhelmed person and feel nervous about choosing my classes every semester, but I always feel better after meeting with her and discussing whether I am on the right track in my degree. I felt this support even when I first came to learn more about the Honors College, I loved that everyone went above and beyond to inform me about what to expect to make sure this was the right school for me.

For Prospective and New Students: I know that learning about college and getting ready for this new step in your life is extremely intimidating. My advice is to take advantage of the support around you! This does not just apply to teachers or advisors, but also the new pool of friends that you will be introduced to. There are all types of people at College of Charleston so find the people that share your energy and that can make this new stage in life even better.

Things I Love: I can never get enough of Charleston’s beaches. There is nothing more relaxing after a busy week than taking a Saturday morning to go enjoy the ocean then eat some coconut shrimp. I also like relaxing with Netflix and food from Fire Grill (one of my favorite places on King Street).

What I Can be Caught Doing in My Spare Time: I can definitely be caught trying out any of the many great restaurants in Charleston, there are so many options so be sure to test as many as possible! Another thing that I like to do is just get outside, a great pastime in Downtown Charleston is to take walks, see the sights, and feel that ocean breeze as you walk the Battery.

Gabi Loue

Gabi Loue headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Gabi, I am a Junior International Studies and English double major here at CofC, and this is my fourth semester serving as an Honors College Ambassador. 

Why the Honors College: I chose College of Charleston’s Honors College because there are so many opportunities open to their students, including interesting classes, and I wanted to experience the most this school and city has to offer. I also get the chance to be part of a smaller community within the larger CofC campus, one that includes like-minded students and intelligent professors who are open to discussing a wide range of topics. I love being in the beautiful city of Charleston as well, and get to not only have a fulfilling academic experience, but also the chance to experience a wonderful and popular city. 

For Prospective and New Students: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people! I met so many interesting people during my freshman year and being surrounded by your fellow Honors Students also means you’re making friends you’ll see in your classes and around your dorm. Most of your time in college is your own, so do what you can to meet new people and follow new opportunities. 

Things I Love: King Street in the morning. The beach (Sullivan’s or Folly) at night. Traveling. Coffee from coffeeshops. Reading a good book in Marion Square. The Cistern right after it rains. Watching Netflix late into the night with my roommates. Yoga. Learning something new in a class. Talking to professors when I pass them on campus. Ice cream from Jeni’s. Warm, sunny weather. Walking around new cities 

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: In my spare time, I can usually be found hanging out with friends, readingwriting, or watching “Schitt’s Creek” on Netflix. I love walking around the city and spending time in King St.’s two main bookstores, Buxton Books and Blue Bicycle. Iyou ever pass me walking around campus, feel free to come say hi! 

Chloe Mattila

Chloe Mattila headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Chloe Mattila, I’m a junior Math and International Studies double major here at CofC!

Why the Honors College: I decided to choose the CofC’s Honors College because I knew I wanted a more rigorous academic path. Also, I went to a smaller high school where I knew everyone in my grade and I knew I liked and preferred a smaller community, so the Honors College was able to provide me with that. Beyond those factors, I appreciated the smaller class sizes, individual advising, and the amazing programs and other opportunities provided to people within the Honors Community. For example, through the Honors College I got the opportunity to be a part of the International Scholars Program and the summer after my freshman year I went to Estonia with the program!

For Prospective and New Students: One of my biggest pieces of advice would be to of course prioritize school, but also make sure to make time to have fun, make friends, create genuine human connections, relax, get involved on campus and in Charleston, and explore this beautiful city and everything it has to offer! In a similar way, really work on developing your ability to manage your time wisely! I would also encourage students to get to know their professors because they are fascinating people that have your best interest at heart and want to help you learn and grow, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and reach out!

Things I love: I absolutely love to cook and bake because I love food… as I always like to say “I don’t just eat to live, I live to eat!” I also really love to walk around Charleston (I have a go-to long walk that takes a few hours) and go to the beach! Some of my other interests are music (favorite band: Colony House), dogs, and well of course math!

What I Can be Caught Doing in My Spare Time: In my spare time, you can find me doing what I love (food, walking/ exploring, listening to music) along with, unsurprisingly, doing schoolwork, tutoring people in math in the CSL math lab, finding new restaurants to add to my “CHS food list,” and just enjoying the city! It’s also a safe bet that I could be doing something with my friends (schoolwork or just relaxing) or watching something on Netflix!

Carlisle McCullough

Carlisle McCullough headshot

Welcome! My name is Carlisle McCullough, and I was born and raised in Savannah, GA. I am a sophomore in the C of C Honors College and a pre-med Biology major.  


Why the Honors College: When touring and evaluating colleges as a high school senior, I quickly realized that the large colleges were not best for me. The C of C is the perfect size in the perfect city, and the Honors College makes the campus a bit smaller and more familiar to me. In addition, the Honors College offers added rigor, responsibility, and opportunity. As a pre-med student, I was attracted to the amazing opportunities available to students including research, internships, jobs, and healthcare connections. The Honors College offers smaller classes, early registration, expert guidance, and engaging professors. Developing close relationships with fellow classmates and faculty is truly unique and instrumental in future endeavors.   

For Prospective and New Students: My advice to those entering college is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You must establish good habits from the beginning: eating healthy, exercising, getting adequate sleep, and becoming involved on campusEstablishing good college study habits is important especially keeping up with classes regularly. Do not wait until the last minute to study for tests or prepare projects. Be sure to do your best, and do not compete with others or compare yourself to others. My high school was very competitive, and I saw how unhealthy it is to become entrenched in scholastic competition. It is better to do your best and compete against yourself.  There will never be a tougher competitor. Be kind, be honest, and be yourself!    

Things I love: I love caring for plants! I enjoy volunteering in the Green Heart Project (community school garden programs) through Honors Engaged which allows Honors College students to give back to the community. If you come to my apartment, you will see an array of plants. Cooking and baking for friends and family is always fun for me. Baking with my mom since I was little has always been a treat especially when I was able to lick the beaters when making a cake. Reading is another passion of mine especially reading my favorite genres include fantasy, romance, Victorian literature, and poetry. I am a major movie buff and love all genres from suspense to romance to sci-fi to action! I am a runner and love to stay active and healthy! I also love learning whether it be via school, a podcast, news shows, a documentary, or a great movie.   

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: In my spare time, I can be caught doing a great deal of studyingAs a pre-med major, I realize that academic performance is important. As an avid indoor gardener, I tend to the plants in my apartment! Walking or biking around Charleston with friends is wonderful for physical and mental health. I am in a sorority here on campus, and I enjoy making friends and participating in community service and other events. As a member of the Honor Board, I participate in cases when called upon for assistance. Over the summer, I served on the Student Government Election Commission and will continue as part of the SGA Initiative Committee!  

Lucas Moyon

Lucas Moyon headshotHello! My name is Lucas Moyon, I am a Sophomore majoring in Economics, Physics, and Astronomy at CofC. This is my third semester serving as a student intern for the Honors Office of Admissions.

Why the Honors College: I love CofC’s Honors College because of the amazing experiences I have had with the other Honors students. It is so easy to meet fun, smart people in your Honors classes and living in Berry with your fellow Honors students. The Honors classes always have a small class size and engaging professors, so you are sure to kindle lifelong friendships there. In Berry, all the students from your Honors classes are a few rooms away, so you can get to know them even better!

For Prospective and New Students: Get involved! Everyone coming to college wants to make new friends, and the best way to do that is to join clubs. When I got to college, I joined 12 organizations; I am only in 4 now, but I met great people in every organization, and I am so glad I made those connections. Talk to anyone you can, you will be amazed by the accomplishments and dreams of your classmates.

Things I Love: The best, best, best thing about Charleston is the beach (Sullivan’s, not Folly, in my opinion). I am writing this after the first week of school in Fall 2020, and just yesterday I went to Sullivan’s with my three best friends that lived in Berry with me. I also really enjoy walking, running, or writing around Charleston. It is such a beautiful, historical, and walkable city. It is fantastic to be a college student here.

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: I am getting involved in research with two different professors this semester even though I am only a sophomore. I am also President of a non-partisan voter registration club, CougarVotes, and I’m involved in Phi Chi Theta, Market Process Scholars, Honors Leaders Fellows, Model United Nations, and being a teaching assistant for astronomy. 

Emilia Olson

Emilia Olson headshot

Hello! I’m Emilia Olson and I’m a Junior from Summerville, SC. I am an International Studies and Public Health double major, on the pre-med track. 

Why the Honors College: I chose the Honors College so that I could be a part of an academic and social community with like-minded peers.  There are so many unique opportunities that the Honors College gave much, such as the International Scholars Program, which allowed me to travel to Estonia for a Maymester course, to the science curriculum, which has been a great asset in preparing for medical school. 

For Prospective and New Students:Remember to find balance in your time at college!  You can only perform to your best level when your physical, emotional, mental, and social health are all tended to. 

Things I Love: Plants--I currently have 14 plants and counting in my room, with hopefully more to come.  I recently committed to being vegetarian during quarantine, so I love testing new plant-based recipes.  Traveling is one of my true loves, although that has been reduced to small adventures in the Lowcountry during the pandemic. 

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: When I'm not studying, you can probably find me working at one of my two jobs--as an EMT and as an assistant at Rainforest Remedies, planning events for my internship at the South Carolina Herbal Society, or attending a meeting for the Doctors without Borders Student Chapter.  If I'm not working, I'll most likely be at one of the many great coffee shops in the area enjoying the sunshine and sipping on a cold brew. 

Samantha Ramsden

Sammi Ramsden headshot

Why the Honors College: I feel I do my best in smaller, closer-knit environments like that of the Honors College. The Honors College gives me the chance to feel closer to people who have similar interests, and connect me with a plethora of professors and faculty that want me to succeed. Here I am given a challenging, rewarding, and supportive environment that helps me grow as a student and a professional. 

For Prospective and New Students: Don’t be afraid to get involved! It is undoubtedly the best way to meet new friends, find new interests, and connect with like-minded people. Transitioning to college can be scary, but it gives you a place to dive deeper into things you’re interested in and discover things you’ve never even heard of. You never know what opportunities will arise from the people you meet at CofC. 

Things I Love: My favorite thing in the world is music. No matter what I’m doing I will have music playing and I’m always looking to discover new awesome music to listen to. I also play the flute, clarinet, piano, and oboe and compose a little bit in my free time. One of my favorite things to do is to buy a cheap instrument and some beginner books and learn to play it! 

What I can be Taught Doing in my Spare Time: Most likely homework honestly. But if that's finished, I’m probably on TikTok. If not that, I’m usually hanging out with my friends or spending some time outside. I love going to the beach, and Charleston has no shortage of them, but I also love going on hikes or just walking around downtown and exploring some new places.

Kayla Sitton

Hi everyone! My name is Kayla, I am a Senior International Studies and Religious Studies double major here at CofC, and this is my fourth semester serving as a student intern for the Honors Office of Admissions.

Why the Honors College: I chose CofC’s Honors College because it enabled me to retain that same feeling of a close-knit community I had in my small high school while also giving me an entire city to explore. The faculty, the courses, the students — they all contribute to the Honors College’s welcoming atmosphere and intellectually stimulating community, and I have found myself falling more in love with them all every year.

For Prospective and New Students: As cliche as it may sound, be yourself. If you aren’t sure who that is exactly, or even if you think you do, don’t be afraid to try new things that may test your definition of yourself. You’d be surprised by the friends you can make or the amazing things you will experience if you give yourself a chance to try new things and to grow beyond the person you’ve been. That being said: don’t be afraid of change, because it will be all around you.

Things I Love: Laying out in the Charleston sunshine with a gentle breeze — the Honors Center’s porch is perfect for this because the sun hits it just right in the afternoon. I also love writing, reading, and re-watching nostalgic cartoons. Oh, and traveling and eating, hahaha.

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: If you happen to catch me in the wilds, you will definitely find me with headphones on and humming along to whatever I’m listening to. You could also catch me writing or reading, albeit the latter will most likely be something school-related. Or I may be with my friends (in the time of Corona, this may occur less frequently). Of course, I could just as easily be found on a lazy afternoon binging something on Netflix.

Channing Smith

Channing Smith headshot

Hey guys! I am Channing Smith and I am a freshman here at the College from Ware Shoals, South Carolina. I am a Computer Science major with a concentration in Cybersecurity. I am the Digital Media Student Worker for the Computer Science Department, and also the Media Chair for Women in STEM. Along with the Honors College, I am also in the E-LLC 2020 cohort, (Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community) and also a member of CougarVotes  

Why the Honors College: I decided to apply to the Honors College so that I would have a smaller class size and be able to interact with my professors more and also be a part of a community of like-minded individuals. Everyone in the Honors College really pushes you to be the best that you can be, and I really admire that. My Honors Advisor, Professor Affonso, (and my E-LLC professor) keeps me on my toes and is always there to lend a hand when needed. Along with the community, the Honors College offers many opportunities to get involved in around campus and for your future.   

For new Students: I would say to try and get involved with a lot of things on campus, but do not overwhelm yourself. College takes time to get adjusted to, and even on the days when you really just want to go home and see your mom, you have to learn to build a family with the people you have around you. Find your people and hold each other accountable. Always try and help others when needed because trust me, everyone is in the same boat.   

Things I Love: I love how diverse and unique the city of Charleston is. I grew up in a super small town where everyone knew my grandpa, aunt, mom, and possibly even second cousin. It is nice to be in a city like Charleston where there are endless opportunities and chances to succeed.   

What I can be caught doing in my spare time: In my spare time, you can probably find me behind an espresso machine making coffee. I have a strong passion for coffee and customer service, and although these things have nothing to do with my major, it is important to have activities outside of academia.

Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith headshot

Hi there! I’m Courtney Smith and I am a current sophomore in the Honors College the College of Charleston. I’m majoring in Communications and Political Science with a tentative minor in Spanish.

Why the Honors College: Personally, I chose the Honors College because I felt like it offered me a challenge and a variety of opportunities that are not readily available to other students. I went to a competitive high school and it was a breath of fresh air to hear that the Honors students are extremely supportive of each other.

For Prospective/New Students: Breathe. Everyone feels just as weird about all of this as you do. My roommates last year heard me say that for the entire first semester and it guided me into friendships and organizations that I otherwise would not have been able to. This year may look different, but you still want to take advantage of the opportunities you have presented to you. You’ve got this!

Things I love: I love that we can be close to King Street but in two blocks you can end up at a major historical site. But one of the best parts is spontaneous beach trips with your friends after a long day in classes. Walking through Cougar Mall and the Cistern when the light is just right. Honestly, I could go on and on.

In my spare time: You can usually find me reading for class in a nook of Addlestone Library. I love to cook dinner for my friends, do yoga, go for runs, and have a good cup of coffee. I’ll also be riding my bike down to The Battery or laying in Marion Square or on Rivers Green as the sun is setting (there’s nothing better).

Melanie Snider

Melanie Snider headshot

Hi! My name is Melanie and I’m a sophomore from North Augusta, South Carolina. I’m majoring in Psychology with a minor in Medical Humanities. This is my first semester as an Ambassador, and I couldn’t be more excited!  

Why the Honors College: I chose to come to the Honors College because I was looking for a tight-knit community of students and faculty. I was hoping to find a group of like-minded students and supportive faculty, along with opportunities for research and internships.  

For prospective and new students: Take advantage of the opportunities that Charleston and the Honors College offer you! There are endless opportunities to get involved in the school and community. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try something new.  

Things I love: I love walking around Charleston with a friend and seeing the sights of the city. There’s always something going on or something fun to do around here! I also love to drive to the beach and spend time there with my friends.  

What I can be caught doing in my spare time: I’m often working on homework or my other extracurriculars, such as being a REACH mentor and the Education Chair of Women in STEM. If I’m not doing that, I often explore Charleston with my friends, and I try new coffee shops and restaurants with my roommate.  

Chloe Stapleton

Chloe Stapleton headshot

Hi all! My name is Chloe, and I’m a senior Computer Science major here at CofC! I’m an ambassador for the Honors College as well as the School of Science and Math, and I’ve been a mentor for the REACH Program since freshman year. I was in the Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Community and worked in the cybersecurity and software engineering research labs within the Computer Science department.  

Why the Honors College: I chose the Honors College because I wanted to be part of a group of similarly focused students and I was promised good mentorship starting even before my first day of class freshman year (and the promises were definitely kept). I was a fan of the smaller community while still being a part of the broader CofC. It’s not separate to be in the Honors College; it’s just a bonus.  

For Prospective and New Students: It’s okay not to know exactly what you want to do, and it’s okay if you are already super clear about what your future will look like! Still say yes to opportunities and trying new things and don’t be afraid to have an opinion. 

Things I Love: the ice cream at Off Track, the sauces at Gypsy Pantry, my dog, the beach, the balcony at Harbor Walk  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time:  You can probably find me walking my dog on the beach, grabbing takeout to eat in front of the TV, or playing the piano! 

Jenna Stern


Hi, my name is Jenna Stern, and I'm from Richmond, Virginia. I'm a freshman here in the Honors College and am hoping to major in Accounting with a minor in Jewish Studies. On campus, I'm involved with the Chucktown Sound Pep Band and Hillel. This my first semester as an Honors Ambassador, and I'm so excited about it! 

Why the Honors College: When I was looking for a school, I wanted a place where my professors would know my name and be there to help me succeed. The Honors College really felt like the perfect community where that would happen. Also, I enjoyed that the class sizes were smaller and discussion based because I thrive so much better in that environment. In addition, I liked that there were a wide array of classes I could take that would really go with what I wanted to study. Finally, I liked the community aspect of the Honors College. Everyone here is so friendly and really wants you to succeed.

For Prospective and New Students:  I would say just be yourself and think about what makes you happy. Very few people from my school applied, or knew of CofC, so at times it felt scary thinking that I would be coming to a school so far from home. But I stuck to my true instinct and made a great choice by coming to a school which made me happiest. 

Things I love: I love baking and eating good desserts. Charleston is the best place for that. I enjoy being outside and going for long walks. I also love color guard and reading.

What I can be caught doing in my spare time: I absolutely love taking walks throughout the city! There is so much to explore here, whether it be good restaurants or new parks. You can always find me being outside. This campus is gorgeous, and I love just finding a quiet, pretty place to hang out with friends or do homework. I'm also always at Rivers Green because it is the perfect place to sit and be.

Rylie Talmadge

Rylie Talmadge headshot

Hi folks! My name is Rylie and I am a sophomore at the College of Charleston. I am a Marine Biology major from Knoxville, TN. 

Why the Honors College:  The moment I stepped onto the iconic bricks, I felt immediately welcomed and charmed by the warm atmosphere, steeped in tradition. I had such genuine conversations with students and faculty that I knew I would find a new home in the CofC community. The Honors curriculum was built in such a way that my academic and professional aspirations were not only supported but encouraged beyond my expectations. I was thrilled to join a student body made up of some of the brightest and kindest minds. 

For Prospective and New Students:  Take advantage of the opportunities available to you!  Make the most out of your education.  Ask clarifying questions in class, go to office hours, and SI, use the library resources.  Also, join clubs as soon as you can!  Doing this will help you meet people with the same interests as you, and some of them will even be in your classes!  

Things I love: As a Marine Biology major, my passion for the sea has led to my more interesting activities outside of Honors Ambassadors including scuba diving, sailing, and open-water triathlons.  

What I can be caught doing in my spare time: If I’m not somewhere in the water, you can find me around campus as a Social Mentor and Tutor for REACH, BGS Peer Facilitator, an active member of WiSTEM and Outdoors Club, or in Grice Marine Laboratory researching the physiological costs of parasite load in seatrout. 

For Prospective and New Students: Firstly, welcome! Be sure to check out all of the incredible opportunities CofC offers in order to make the most of your experience both inside and outside the classroom. A great way to feel a part of the community is to become involved in one of the many clubs and organizations. Trust me, there's something for everyone! Don't forget to get some fresh air once in a while and enjoy our beautiful campus 

Lynna Tran

Lynna Tran headshot

Hi! My name is Lynna Tran and I am currently a freshman at the Honors College. I am planning on majoring in International Business and minoring in Spanish. I am excited to begin my first semester in college serving as an Honors Ambassador! 

Why the Honors College:  Throughout my college application process last year, I had a very difficult time deciding between schools. However, after visiting and researching more about CofC Honors, I immediately felt a sense of connection and belonging in this environment. The culture, students, faculty, and staff all work together well to make sure everyone successfully achieves their goals. Additionally, the internship/job opportunities, connections, and specialized learning truly fosters a more engaged environment that you couldn’t get with any other school.  

For Prospective and New Students: It can be challenging to find the right college during your application process. However, I urge you to learn more about not only the colleges you are applying to, but yourself as well. Make sure that everything from the clubs, the sports, the academics, etc. ties together well with your interests.  

Things I Love: I love riding my longboard around Charleston, which was scary at first but is now my favorite thing to do. I also love thrifting clothes, making new friends, and cuddling up with a good show or movie.  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: I spend most of my spare time hanging out with my roommate and suitemates, who have become my absolute best friends. I also take frequent trips to the library to catch up on classes, take walks around the cistern, or go shopping and dining on King Street.  

Emma Van Horne

Emma Van Horne headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Van Horne and I am from Columbia, South Carolina. I am a sophomore here at the Honors College and I am double majoring in Biochemistry and Biology.

Why the Honors College? One of the reasons I found the Honors College so appealing was because, as a student here, you receive the best of both worlds. You are able to receive the individualized attention that a smaller institution would offer you, while also benefiting from the plethora of resources and opportunities of a larger college. As a pre-med student, the Honors College has given me opportunities that have allowed me to work as a research student in the Biochemistry department, join the EMS team on campus and begin my EMT certification, and they have a great relationship with MUSC, which helps pre-med students immensely. When choosing a college, I wanted the community and excitement of a larger school while also getting individualized attention, great opportunities, and a community of like-minded students, which is why I chose the Honors College.

For prospective new students: I would definitely recommend getting involved on campus! The Honors College gives you so many opportunities to get involved on campus, which will help you make friends, connections, and even potentially find something you’re really passionate about! Also, get to know your peers in your classes! You will come to find out the Honors College is truly a community within a community and you will likely become very close with your peers in the Honors College.

Things I love: Some things I love are eating tacos with my friends, Netflix, and beach sunrises!

What I Can Be Caught Doing In My Spare Time: When I am not studying, you could probably find me going to events with my sorority, spending time with my roommates and exploring Charleston! From going to the beach, to sunsets at the battery, to all the amazing food, there is always something to do here!

Caitlin Watts 

Caitlin Watts headshot

Hi everybody! My name is Caitlin Watts and I am a sophomore majoring in Biology at the College of Charleston on the Pre-Med track. I am so happy to be an Honors Ambassador this semester! 

Why the Honors College: I chose to come to the Honors College because of the countless opportunities it presents. From networking connections with professors, potential mentors, and fellow students to workshops focusing on growing your professional profile and widening your landscape, the Honors College has opened doors that before I would not have even known to open. The relationships built in and because of the Honors College are truly unique, authentic, and lasting! 

For Prospective and New Students: I would advise any student looking into the Honors College to come in with a willing spirit and eagerness to grow. There are so many opportunities within the Honors College and, as a student, it is your decision on what you will do with the experiences and occasions they make available to you. Go in with a mind willing to learn and the determination to do what you can to help facilitate positive change in yourself and your community! 

Things I Love: The things that bring my heart joy are probably along the same lines of what brings your grandma joy! I love having plants (everywhere), baking, antiquing, long walks, flowers, embroidered sweaters, art journals, finding new music, and road trips! Spending time with family and friends and exploring new places makes me so happy! What I love most is spending time with Jesus. 

What Can I be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: In my spare time, you will find me with a group of my friends, in the car, on a late-night ice-cream run! We usually are belting to either Christmas or praise music, no matter the time or the season! 

Callie Wershing

Callie Wershing headshot

Hello everyone! My name is Callie, and I’m a Junior here at the College. I am double majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Asia and Political Science.

Why the Honors College: I chose CofC’s Honors College because of the sense of community it offers. I was also very interested in the amazing opportunities it presented, such as travelling to Estonia with the International Scholars Program. Aside from that, I really appreciate the individual advising, early class registration and small class sizes.

For Prospective and New Students: College is the perfect time to try new things. There are so many different organizations to join and so many new places to explore. Through some of these organizations, I have made great friendships and connections that I know will last long after I leave the College. I would also advise you to take the time to get to know some of your professors. They are amazing people, and they truly want to help you in any way they can.

Things I Love: I love travelling and eating at new restaurants. I also love reading a good book on the beach after a long week of classes.

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: You can usually find me hanging out with friends or watching Netflix. I also really enjoy taking long walks around the city. Some of my favorite places to walk to are the Battery and Colonial Lake.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is focused on making the Honors College's top scholars program more inclusive and welcoming to students of all backgrounds. Currently, they are leading the Series on Race discussion group for current Honors students and offer critical support to the planning and implementation of the annual Honors College Interview Weekend. If you have any questions for the Outreach Committee, let us know by emailing

Meet Our Outreach Committee!

Cookie Desai

Cookie Desai headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Cookie Desai, I am a senior at the College majoring in Political Science with a Politics, Philosophy, and Law concentration and minoring in Women and Gender Studies and African Studies. I try to stay involved on campus! In the Honors College, I am the Outreach Chair for the Charleston Fellows Program. I am also the Student Body Vice President, the Charleston40 Tour Guide Association Vice President, and am involved with Greek Life and civic engagement on campus.   

Why the Honors College: When I was looking at colleges as a senior in high school, I thought I wanted to go to a larger school with a lot of people. As I went through the process, someone told me that a smaller school allowed for stronger connections with colleagues, professors, and advisors. It definitely opened my eyes, so when I began speaking to people at CofC’s Honors College, I paid more attention to the fact that students did not have to compete for opportunities with graduate students and are offered internships, jobs, program opportunities that a lot of students at other schools did not have. I continue to choose the Honors College because there is always some who is willing to help me! At the end of my Freshman year, I switched from being a Biology major to a Political Science major (big jump, I know), and there was someone with me every step of the way.   

For Prospective and New Students: Take time for yourself! When you get to college, there is definitely some adjusting, whether its joining way too many clubs or trying to balance your schoolwork with your social life. My biggest piece of advice is to find time to do things that you enjoy doing; destress activities are in! Once you start prioritizing yourself and your health, you can make the most of any opportunity that comes your way.  

Things I Love: I love finding cool new spaces around the city. If there is a good vibe and good food, I will love it (I’m open to suggestions, too)! The market on Saturdays is also a love of mine (the lemonade stand is amazing).  

What I Can Be Caught Doing in My Spare TimeYou can find me eating sushi from Pokestop on the corner of Wentworth and Coming St. during their sushi happy hour, of course). It is some of the most delicious sushi in Charleston, and I will eat it as much as I possibly can. You can also find me studying on the porch or chilling in a coffee shop!  

Aliece Hurley

Aliece Hurley headshot

Hi, future Cougars! My name is Aliece, and I am a sophomore at the College majoring in Political Science and International Studies with a concentration in Global Studies. I’m pretty involved on campus! I am a Resident Assistant at Joe E. Berry Residence Hall and the Event Coordinator for the College of Charleston Black Student Union. I’m also in the Bonner Leader Program with the Center for Civic Engagement. In the Honors College, I’m on the Outreach Committee for the Charleston Fellows Program, and I am in the International Scholars Program.  

Why the Honors College: I chose CofC’s Honors College because of the thorough and personal mentoring Honors provides to its students. Although I applied to a lot of larger schools out-of-state, no institution exemplified the same careful attention each and every Honors student receives here at The College of Charleston. Additionally, there are countless resources and opportunities provided by the Honors College that will equip me with the right tools for law school and beyond.   

For Prospective and New Students: Don’t get stressed if everything doesn’t fall into your lap during your first year at the College! During my freshman year, I wasn’t nearly as involved on campus, but it was through the connections and friendships I made during my first year that I was able to join more clubs and organizations. I would advise students to get involved in something they are passionate about but also to reach outside your comfort zone by trying something new. There are so many new experiences to be had and people to meet, you don’t want to limit yourself. 

Things I Love: I love the local art and music scene in Charleston! Before coronavirus, you could find me at house shows, jamming out with my friends and buying art. Now, I get my fix of appreciating student and local artwork by strolling through the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in my free time. 

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: Thrifting!!! Not only is secondhand shopping better for the environment than consuming fast fashion, but it is fun and saves me a lot of money. Nothing beats how excited I get after finding an original, vintage piece for a few dollars! You can also find me taking walks around Charleston with my earbuds in and going to the beach with my friends! 

Andrea Kimpson 

Andrea Kimpson headshot

Hey everyone! My name is Andrea and I am a sophomore International Studies major with a concentration in Latin America and the Caribbean. On campus I am involved in our Student Government Association and Cougar Votes. Within the Honors College I am a Peer Facilitator for the Beyond George Street first year experience, a member of the Scholar Citizen Initiative, and a member of the Outreach Board for the Honors Leadership Fellows Society.  

Why the Honors College: I chose the Honors College because I was looking for a strong foundation for the rest of my academic and professional career. Throughout the application and admissions process, I was continually amazed at the large number of students doing incredible things because of the immense resources and opportunities provided by the Honors College. I met students who had conducted independent research, worked on political campaigns, and started organizations on and off campus—all within their four years as undergraduates. I wanted those same opportunities for myself and the Honors College promised to light pathways to invaluable experiences. Additionally, in comparison to the other schools I considered, the faculty and staff of the Honors College displayed an unprecedented level of support and concern for their students. The Honors College is willing to make an investment in you and provides the people necessary to help you realize your own potential. 

For Prospective and New Students: Do not forget to step back and breathe! You are about to be presented with a lot of options. Just to name a few, you will be making a decision about where to attend for the next four years, figuring out a major or two, and choosing what clubs and organizations to join! It’s a lot, and it can be overwhelming. It is very important that you “zoom out” and try to relax. Make these complicated decisions one step at a time. Start with the simplest thing and then move upwards. You have more time than you think and more support than you know.  

Things I Love: I love trying new restaurants around the city. I do not claim to have the most adventurous palate, but I enjoy finding new places to eat and new cuisines to try. Also, in the realm of food, I love finding and making new recipes. I am also a little bit of a shopaholic so I can often be found on King in a store or making an online purchase from my phone.  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: I can always be caught listening to music; any time, any place! I am often found reading an article or book while simultaneously adding even more things to my read to my “Interesting Reads” note. You can also definitely catch me getting food delivered! 


Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors (SAs) are part of the Office of Admissions who assist in the recruitment and retention of multicultural and first-generation students here at the College by assisting with information sessions, providing campus tours, meeting with prospective/accepted students and families, travelling to local high schools or college fairs, hosting prospective students overnight, and participating in all other Admissions recruitment events. The following Student Ambassadors are also part of the Honors College. Connect with them on Instagram and Twitter @cofcsa or email to be connected with one of these ambassadors.

Meet the SAs! 

Mariana Glenn-Toland


Hello everyone! My name is Mariana Glenn-Toland and I am from Union, SC. I am a senior here at The College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Crime, Law, and Society.  

Why the Honors College: I chose the Honors College because of its structuresize, and community mindset. When looking for colleges I was searching for a place with smaller class sizes, where I would be challenged academically, and somewhere I could be surrounded by like minded people. CofC’s Honors College had all of these elements along with other benefits, so I knew it was the place for me!  

For Prospective and New Students: Letting go of things does not mean you are letting go of yourself. Allow yourself to try new things and allow yourself to step away from things that do not bring you joy. It is okay and necessary to do what is best for you, not selfish! You are the best expert on yourself. Check in with yourself through this college journey, and always strive to listen to your heart!  

Things I Love: Drinking hot tea (during all times of the year), the color red, popcorn, bookstores, coffee shops, and doing nails.  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: Going for a bike ride or run, eating a Belgian waffle on King Street, listening to music or a podcast, watching sitcoms, or reading somewhere outside.  

Vernon Kennedy


Hi everyone! My name is Vernon. I am a senior Molecular Biology major here at CofC, and I am the current president of Student Ambassadors.   

Why the Honors College: I chose CofC’s Honors College because I wanted an academic experience that was challenging and allowed me to take charge of my own path. More importantly, I wanted a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of collaborate and interdisciplinary learning. Being a student in the sciences, I knew that my exposure to interdisciplinary courses would have been scarce had I taken the non-honors route. I appreciate the Honors College’s efforts to make all of its students impactful scholar-citizens.  

For Prospective and New Students: Don’t be afraid to speak up and make sure your voice is heard, especially in academic settings! You should never minimize yourself to maximize someone else’s comfort. Wherever you are in your journey (be it academic, or not), your hard work and dedication has gotten you to that point. You have every right to be there and to contribute however you see fit. When you choose not to engage or speak up out of fear of what others will think, you rob yourself of the full experience.   

Things I Love: This may not be a shocker, but I love science! When I was 10 years old, I got a microscope for my birthday, and from then on, I fell in love with biology. I love being in my neuroscience research lab and working on my current project. I also enjoy singing, I’m a Marvel aficionado, sub-par cook, and I love seafood.   

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: If I’m not studying, you can catch me listening to the latest gospel album, hanging out with my friends in Rivers Green, enjoying one of Charleston’s restaurants, or reading a good memoir.  

Jay Scott


Hi everyone! My name is Jay, I’m a sophomore Middle Grades Education major and Creative Writing minor here at CofC.  

Why the Honors College: I chose CofC’s Honors College because I’ve always enjoyed being involved in academic settings that actively encourage rigorous work inside AND outside of the classroom. Also, knowing people that were already in the Honors College when I applied, I’d gotten a glimpse of what the experience would be like. When I met members of the faculty, like Elizabeth Roberts, it further confirmed my place within the Honors College; they actively recognized my cultural identity and took time to learn about who I was as a student. 

For Prospective and New Students: If you’re the type of student that likes to sit back and let the “leaders” take over, get out of that mindset immediately! You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in so many organizations and situations where you’ll have to take the lead within the Honors College, and you don’t want to miss out because of fear or insecurity. Everyone has a leader within them and the Honors College will help bring it out, if you’re up to the challenge!  

Things I Love: I love creativity and I love expressing my creativity through music and writing. I also love movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and television shows about anything supernatural. Food is definitely up there on my list as well!  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: In my spare time, you’ll catch me walking down King Street, or watching Grey’s Anatomy; you may even catch me playing a game of Fortnite if I’m feeling completely free!  

Hayle Turner


Hey, Y’all! My name is Hayle Turner and I am a Sophomore here at the College. I’m double majoring in Political Science and Communications and this is my second year serving as a student ambassador!  

For Prospective and New Students: Be the one to define your journey! College is the best time to explore your interests and find out the things you really like. Never be afraid to do something different.   

Why the Honors College?: I chose the Honors College because of the amazing faculty and the fact that it has such a close-knit community. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive of each other. It’s amazing to know that I have so many people that are dedicated to seeing me succeed.   

Things I Love: Watching Netflix, hanging out with my friends, and eating at all of Charleston’s amazing restaurants.  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: Definitely shopping at the King Street H&M (pre-corona). Also listening to music, and reading. Basically, anything to wind down and relax!  

Morgan Walker


Hi everyone! My name is Morgan Walker and I am a Junior Biology major with a concentration in Molecular Biology here at The College.  

Why the Honors College: I chose the College of Charleston’s Honors College because it offered me opportunities and advantages that allowed me to develop not only as a student, but as a person. The Honors College, has allowed me to secure unique internships, club positions, and has developed a unique sense of community among myself and my peers. Also, I chose the Honor’s College here at CofC because I knew I always wanted to go to medical school. The Honors College provides numerous resources, pre-health advising, and has a very strong network with MUSC.  

For Prospective and New Students: Looking back on my time here at CofC, I can honestly say freshman year was one of the highlights. While it was definitely a rollercoaster, thankfully with more highs than lows, I think the main reason it was so memorable is because I really let myself be open to all adventures and opportunities available here at CofC. If I had to give one piece of advice to incoming and new student’s it would be to allow yourself time and space to develop in this foreign atmosphere you are about to submerge yourself into. Also, take the time to enjoy and partake in the clubs, events, and opportunities that are available to you here on campus!  

Things I Love: I love to play basketball, watch Netflix, workout, or even just walk around downtown Charleston and King St. There is honestly never a dull moment living downtown, so as long as the weather is nice you can usually find me outdoors.  

What I can be Caught Doing in my Spare Time: If you happen to catch me not in the library, I would probably be sitting outside enjoying the fresh airworking out, or watching grey’s anatomy for the millionth time. If not any of those things you can find me serving as a Junior Senator in the Student Government Organization, President of the Honors Student Association, and also Miss Beta Mu 2020. 


Alumni and Family Ambassadors

Honors College alumni, family, and friends help recruit the next generation of CofC Honors students by connecting with prospective students virtually or in-person. They help prospective students learn more about the Honors College from a different perspective and can talk about all that is possible after graduating from CofC Honors. If you'd like to connect with an Honors Alumni and Family Ambassador virtually or near you, let us know!

Map of ambassador locations