Application Process


The Honors College application is comprised of these primary components:

If you have questions concerning your Honors College application status, please email us at or call us at 843.953.1252.



You have the option of uploading an unofficial transcript to the online application or having your school sending these directly to the Office of Admissions. If you have completed any college courses while enrolled in high school, please request the college send an official transcript to the Office of Admissions as well. Since we look to see how rigorous your high school course of study is, if the transcript(s) you submit does not include your senior year courses, please also submit your class schedule on the Honors College supplemental application. 


The Office of Admissions and the Honors College accept unofficial test scores to make admission decisions and award merit scholarships. Test scores may be submitted via high school transcripts, high school counselors, and testing agency websites. All results must include your name, test date, all sub-scores, and one additional form of identification (e.g. birth date, email, or mailing address). You must provide official test results directly from the testing agency by June 1 to enroll. We do not require SAT subject tests or SAT/ACT writing tests, but they may be submitted as additional information. Additional information may be found on the Admissions website. SAT Code: 5113, ACT Code: 3846


In evaluating your essay, our Honors Committee pays particular attention to the mechanics, as well as the clarity and precision with which you convey your ideas and arguments. Prepare a 500-800 word response to the following prompt and submit it with your Honors supplemental application. The prompt for the Class of 2024 is as follows:  

Scholar citizens are committed to pursuing academic excellence while also engaging real-world issues. Identify a significant challenge facing scholar citizens in the 21st century. How will a liberal arts and sciences education help equip you to address that challenge?

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The Honors College requires one recommendation from a high school teacher in one of the following core subject areas: English, math, science, history or a foreign language. On the Honors College supplemental application, you will provide us with your preferred teacher's first name, last name and email address, and the Honors College will reach out to them to solicit a reference. Your recommender must submit the recommendation for the Honors College section of your application to be complete. 


The résumé should serve as an outline of your extracurricular involvement throughout high school. Though there is no specific format, it is prudent to highlight experiences that demonstrate leadership and a commitment to service in a professional manner. Activities that occurred before entering high school should be excluded. We also recommend you limit yourself to 1-2 pages. For more assistance, feel free to follow some of our tips