Honors College Essay Tips


Consider Your Audience

Your essay will be read by a team of CofC faculty members from a variety of academic disciplines. Keep them in mind when crafting your response to the prompt.

Take a Second Look

First drafts are rarely ready to submit. Spend time editing your essay so it is succinct, well-organized, free of grammatical errors, and the best representation of you.

Be Specific

Dig deeper (and set your essay apart) by focusing on specific examples and details. Don't be afraid to take a stance!

Take it Seriously

We use a holistic review process for admissions decisions, and your essay is one of the most important pieces. Make sure your essay demonstrates your ability to think critically and write well!

Be Yourself

Let yourself—your interests, passions, character, accomplishments—shine through in your writing. We would rather read an essay that is authentically you than an essay that has been heavily edited, coached, and lacks your voice.