Apply to the Honors College

The College of Charleston Honors College is home to some of the brightest minds on campus and in Charleston. As such, admission into the Honors College requires an exceptional academic record, excellent written expression, and demonstrated community involvement and leadership. 

Unequivocally, the most important aspect of an application to the Honors College is the high school transcript. Students admitted to Honors have excelled in the most rigorous courses available to them and have maintained a standard of excellence throughout their secondary school experience. Admission to Honors does not require a specific GPA, though most students accepted have maintained an A average in most of their schoolwork. Additionally, the Honors College partners with regional admissions representatives to provide a contextual reading for your transcripts and try to understand the type of environment you have experienced thus far. 

As we receive many applications from students with above-average academic abilities, we recommend using the resume and Honors essay to set yourself apart. Honors courses are interdisciplinary and writing- and reading-intensive, so it is imperative that admitted students are intellectually curious with foundational writing abilitiesHonors students are also leaders on campus and in the Charleston community, and we look closely at the resume for evidence of leadership and community engagement potential. 

Students accepted to the Honors College, on average, are in the top 10% of their class, demonstrate strong leadership and community engagement, and have excellent writing abilities. 

More details on the Honors College application process are available here.