Advising and Mentoring

"In the Honors College we distinguish between advising and mentoring, although both are equally important. Advising is selecting the right courses. Mentoring is trying to help students put themselves in the best place to empower them to achieve their long-term career goals." - Director of Academic Advising, Dr. Bryan Ganaway

Advising in the Honors College is about contextualizing your 4-year plan at the College of Charleston within your post-graduate ambitions. While your advisors will assist in course selection, their priority is ensuring that you feel supported within our community to acheieve the milestones you envision. Our advisors coordinate with all academic departments to verify that your goals are being met and we can help you plan for new experiences both within your major, and outside of it.

Beyond George Street acts as the foundation for the advising system, introducing first-year students not only to the technical aspects of advising, but to planning and mentoring opportunities that are the best fit. Beyond George Street also connects first-year students to Peer Facilitators who are the first point of contact on all advising concerns. Peer Facilitators are upperclassman who have been in your shoes; they are well-prepared to guide you and answer any questions you may have about the advising process. Dr. Bryan Ganaway is the Director of Advising, and also acts as the First-Year Advising Coordinator to support the Peer Facilitators in giving you direction.

You will work with our entire Honors Team during your time in Honors, and our goal is that you always feel encouraged and energized to actualize your dreams.

Most first semester advising for first-year students takes place during one of the summer orientation sessions. For an example of what a first semester schedule looks like, be sure to visit our First-Year Experience page. Just a note, for students bringing AP or IB credit to the College of Charleston, you can see the requirements for scores and course equivalencies here. Bear in mind that sometimes your credit will only partially fulfill the requirement, and you may have to take additional subject area or Honors courses to fully meet the requirement.

Current Students: All processes, procedures and required forms are now housed on the Honors Hub.

Access to a list of our Advising and Mentoring Cohorts may be found here.