Bachelor's Essay Presentations


It is an annual tradition for graduating members of the Charleston Fellows Program to publicly present on the research they've conducted as part of their Honors College Bachelor's Essay. These presentations offer students the chance to share and celebrate the impressive scholastic work they've undertaken, and also provide an outlet to polish up their presentation and public speaking skills.

Fellows in the class of 2021 will have an opportunity to carry on this tradition. During the week of April 5, they will present their work nightly, with an opportunity for everyone to follow along live, online. Check out the schedule below for the live links.


Monday, April 5th, 6:00pm 

Samantha Czwalina, a Geology & Archaeology major, will be presenting Fossil Archaeocete whale from Eocene of South Carolina
Project Advisor: Dr. Robert Boessenecker, Department of Geology

Cookie Desai, a Political Science major, will be presenting A Normative Analysis of Abolishing the Police
Project Advisor: Dr. Briana McGinnis, Department of Political Science

Skye Jacobson, a Biochemistry & Chemistry major will be presenting Crystal Structures of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and its mutants bound with novel pterins: Crystallography and HPLC Studies
Project Advisor: Dr. Amy Ledbetter Rogers, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mary Britt McDonald, a Biochemistry & International Studies major, will be presenting Patient Narratives in Orthopedic Medicine
Project Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Beres Rogers, Department of English

Emily Wiesler, an Accounting major, will be presenting The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Firm Financial Performance
Project Advisor: Dr. Christina Adams, Department of Accounting

Tuesday, April 6th, 6:00pm 

Brogan Brown, a Biology major, will be presenting A Sex Differentiated Study of Rodent Empathic Behavior: Ultrasonic Vocalizations and Oxytocin Activity
Project Advisor: Dr. Christopher Korey, Department of Biology

Jimmy Clayton, an Economics and Finance major, will be presenting The Impacts of Historic Preservation on Economic Development
Project Advisor: Dr. Peter Calcagno, Department of Economics

Nisarg Patel, a Biology major, will be presenting Microbial Community Development and Diversification in Hydrothermally Active Regions Along the East Pacific Rise
Project Advisor: Dr. Heather Fullerton, Department of Biology

Brandon Williams, a Chemistry major, will be presenting Thermal Analysis of Novel Biodegradable Polymers
Project Advisor: Dr. David Boucher, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Wednesday, April 7th, 6:00pm

Ainsley Cook, a Hospitality & Tourism and International Studies major will be presenting A Comparative Analysis of Culinary Festival attendees based on their use of Airbnb
Project Advisor: Dr. Daniel Guttentag, Department of Hopsitality and Tourism Management

Maddie Davis, a Biology and International Studies major, will be presenting Nuclear Transport Proteins in Early Development
Project Advisor: Dr. Christine Byrum, Department of Biology

Mariana Glenn-Toland, a Psychology major, will be presenting To Tell or Not to Tell: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Disclosing an Autism Diagnosis
Project Advisor: Dr. Cynthia May, Depatment of Psychology

Katie Hill, a Political Science and Public Health major, will be presenting Democracy Behind Bars: Exploring the Implications of Prisoner Enfranchisement in Africa
Project Advisor: Dr. Christopher Day, Department of Political Science

Thursday, April 8th, 6:00pm

Katrina Bynum, a Mathematics and Astronomy major, will be presenting A CubeSat Investigation of Episodic Stellar Activity
Project Advisor: Dr. Joseph Carson, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Maggie Carpenter, an International Business major, will be presenting Growth Factors in the Global Beer Industry: A Look Inside the Brazilian Beer Market
Project Advisor: Professor Lancie Affonso, Department of Management and Marketing

Micah Feinstein, an Urban Studies and International Studies major, will be presenting Main Street South Carolina's Small Town Revitalization Efforts
Project Advisor: Dr. Deborah Auriffeille, Department of Sociology

Kelly Lifchez, an Economics and International Studies major, will be presenting Health Consequences of the Global Gag Rule
Project Advisor: Dr. Beatriz Maldonado, Department of International Studies