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Everything about the Honors College prepares you to really dig into a subject that you care about in a substantive way, and those kind of substantive opportunities are what really matter when you're deciding what your career is going to be.

CofC Honors alumnus, Yusuf Saei '10

The Honors College curriculum ensures students develop and hone critical skills. Students learn through formative experiences that will prepare them to make an impact on the world.


First Year Experience


In the Honors College, you’ll be immersed in high-impact learning environments from day one. The Honors College first year curriculum blends foundational learning experiences together and sets you up to thrive in your time on campus.

First Year Experience

Upper Level Courses


Upper-level Honors courses are intimate and innovative. They're discussion-based and average around 15 students. They explore creative solutions to real-world problems. They allow you to truly collaborate with your peers and with faculty.

Upper Level Courses

Throughout it all, your Honors Advisor is here to support you. Honors Advisors provide logistical guidance and motivation. Your Honors faculty advisor will serve as a mentor and work closely with you to develop a fulfilling academic journey.