Study Away

Travel Abroad or Domestically

"I think an international experience in any field is vital. We're no longer interacting and communicating with just people in our community. There are companies all around the world that are trading globally, and it's more than just goods and products - it's ideas that are being exchanged." - CofC Honors Student, Malcolm Kates 

Nearly 60% of Honors College students study abroad during their time at the College of Charleston. In an increasingly interconnected world, it is more important than ever to include an international experience as part of your education. The life experience, skills, and world perspective you will learn and develop while studying abroad are valuable in today's globalized world. A study abroad experience can be a life-changing opportunity that helps you to uncover your true passions.

Typically, our students study abroad during the junior year. However, together with your Academic Advisor and the Center for International Education, you can plan your academic path so that you study internationally when it works best within your four-year plan. As a bonus, College of Charleston does offer scholarships for students interested in studying abroad.

Washington Semester Program (Washington, D.C.)

Honors students also have the unique chance to spend a semester working on Capitol Hill. This selective program allows students to take two classes for credit with other Honors students from across the state of South Carolina while earning internship credit by working for a political or government organization. Honors College students who have participated in this program have developed long-term mentoring relationships that have led to permanent careers.

The Washington, D.C. Semester Program website houses more information concerning curriculum and alumni updates.

Current students interested in applying for the program should visit the Honors Hub for more information.

ICAT-Academy (Location Varies)

Join members of the ICAT faculty on a 10-day interview of creative, business and technical founders in different parts of the world. Get into coveted businesses and make contact with the "who's who" of tech. These networking opportunities are of high value for a student who aspires to be globally competitive. Honors students have priority acceptance into ICAT-Academy trips provided they have engaged with ICAT during the academic year (ICAT Accelerator, ICAT Genius Hours, Honors-ELLC). For pictures of ICAT-Academy 2016 in San Fransisco, check out our photo album here

Current students interested in applying for the program should visit the ICAT website for more information.