Undergraduate Research

Graduate Level Research at an Undergraduate Institution


Honors students gain access to faculty-led research as early as their freshmen year. By the time they graduate, nearly half of all Honors students have presented their work at a professional or academic conference, and close to one-fifth have already published their research.


Student research is an integral part of the Honors College experience. Honors students conduct research across disciplines, exploring new ideas and seeking out creative solutions.

For Honors students, research is about examining the world to better understand how it works, and discovering ways you can improve it. Read more about the Honors College research experience below:

Honors College Bachelor's Essay

The capstone of the Honors academic experience. Before they graduate, all Honors students work one-on-one with a faculty advisor who guides them through a high-level, discipline-specific research project. The results are often transformative. Previous BE projects have laid the groundwork for academic publications, business plans, future careers, grad school application material, and world changing ideas.


The College’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities is all about supporting student research and creative activities. Through URCA, CofC students have access to competitive grants, stipends, and other funding resources. This helps opens the door to cutting-edge experiences and faculty connections. It also ensures students have the time and the tools necessary to conduct substantive research. And URCA also helps students travel to conferences and seek out publication opportunities.

Honors College Research in Action: