Upper Level Honors Courses


Honors College upper-level classes are intimate and innovative.

As an Honors student, you’ll take at least two colloquia courses (interdisciplinary classes focused on a thought-provoking question) and at least one advanced studies course (reminiscent of a graduate-level seminar).

All of these upper-level classes are discussion-based and average fewer than 15 students, creating a dynamic learning environment where you can explore creative real-world solutions and hone your problem-solving skills.

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Borders, Art, and Migration


A class discussion in an Honors course taught by Sarah Koellner, Assistant Professor of German, had a major impact on Lea Neufeld.

The experience eventually led her to an internship with the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre, where she worked directly with human rights advocates in the Democractic Republic of the Congo.

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Early Modern Witch Hunts

Professor Jason Coy and Francesca Gibson discuss their witchcraft research

After an Honors course piqued her interest, Francesca Gibson approached Professor of History Jason Coy about conducting research.

The result was a SURF-funded research project that blended history and psychology to examine how witchcraft and sleep disorders intertwined, work that was eventually published in the Columbia Journal of History.

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