Life in the Honors College

Student Life

Being in the Honors College isn’t just about being smart—it’s about finding ways to connect your academic and extracurricular interests in a meaningful way.

Students who excel in Honors are the ones who place an emphasis on exploring all aspects of the College. From NCAA Divison I sports and Greek life, to independent research, civic responsibility, and international learning, our Honors students do it all.

As soon as you arrive on campus and until you walk across the Cistern and through Porter's Lodge at graduation, you will work closely with our exceptional faculty and staff. Together, you will create and discover a path that is fulfilling inside and outside of the classroom. We encourage you to consider opportunities that may directly contribute to academic enrichment, such as study abroad, research, and internships.

Let your interests and passion for learning guide you on a four-year journey from which you will emerge a scholar, committed to lifelong learning.