Honors College Summer Institute

Pre-College Courses for Future Changemakers

Visiting Assistant Professor of biology Chris Freeman leads students in field testing work at James Island County Park

For highly motivated high school students looking to make an impact

The Honors College Summer Institute is the perfect opportunity for high school students to experience Charleston from a unique vantage point.

Pre-college Courses Taught by College Faculty

All Summer Institute courses are offered in-person on our beautiful downtown campus, with opportunities for field trips and local excursions.

Set Yourself up for Future Success

This summer, let the Honors College Summer Institute help you cultivate your curiosity, enhance your skills, and lay the foundation to become a changemaker in your community.     

Honors College Summer Institute Courses - 2023

Saving Biodiversity in the Anthropocene

Saving Biodiversity in the Anthropocene - a 2023 Honors Summer Institute Course

For those who dream of saving the planet…but aren’t quite sure where to begin.

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Mapping Memory in Charleston

Mapping Memories in Charleston - a 2023 Honors Summer Institute Course

Turn the city of Charleston into an interactive social justice map.

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Bodies and Anti-Bodies

Bodies and Anti-Bodies - An Honors Summer Institute 2023 course

Examine Charleston's artistic history and discover a city molded by medicine.

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Students ponder the imponderable in the Cistern Yard

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