Honors College Summer Institute

Pre-College Courses for Future Changemakers

The Honors College Summer Institute offers highly motivated and resourceful high school students the chance to explore historic Charleston, South Carolina from a unique vantage point. The Summer Institute features week-long courses taught by CofC faculty, all designed so that students can immerse themselves in the community, expand their horizons, and set themselves up for future success.

Experience Charleston in a way you never have before. Delve into untold local history, explore our interconnected surroundings, and discover the tools needed to enact change in our community. Students will engage with college-level academics in a unique environment and hone the kind of critical thinking skills valued by college admissions councilors, employers, and community leaders.

This summer, let the Honors College Summer Institute help you cultivate your curiosity, enhance your skills, and lay the foundation to become a changemaker in your community.

Check out our 2021 Summer Institute courses below for more details.

         Students examining a net   Student examines a gecko   A class meets for discussion in the cistern   Student receives Covid vaccine

In Person Courses

Saving Biodiversity in the Anthropocene

For those who dream of saving the planet…but aren’t quite sure where to begin.
  • June 21 – June 25, 2021
  • In person, exploring the local marine and terrestrial ecosystems in and around Charleston 

Venture off the beaten path to gain real-world field experience, sharpen your advocacy skills, and help preserve the lowcountry for future generations. Learn more about the class, or apply today.

Know Thyself, Know Thy City

Turn the city of Charleston into your own interactive social justice map.
  • June 21 – June 25, 2021 (session one) or June 28 – July 2, 2021 (session two)
  • In person, featuring an interactive exploration of the historic city of Charleston

Explore Charleston through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and become a part of Charleston’s history. Learn more about the class, or apply today.

Online Courses

Stories of COVID-19: Understanding Health Disparities

Everyone has a Covid story. This class examines why every story matters.
  • June 28 – July 2, 2021
  • Online meetings featuring first-hand accounts from healthcare professionals

Discover how you can help rewrite the healthcare stories of the future. Learn more about the class, or apply today.