Stories of COVID-19: Understanding Health Disparities

Everyone has a Covid story. This class examines why every story matters.

Medical Humanities

Stories of COVID-19: Understanding Health Disparities
An Honors College Summer Institute Course

Who teaches the course? Professor Kathleen Beres Rogers, Medical Humanities director, British Romanticist, scholar of literature and medicine
When is the course? June 28 - July 2, 2021
What’s the course format? Synchronous online meetings featuring first-hand accounts from a range of healthcare professionals

Everyone has a Covid story. This class offers students a behind-the-scenes look at the local stories that have shaped Charleston’s response to the pandemic, and asks what we can learn from these stories to help improve our community.

Students will hear firsthand accounts from a variety of sources, including front-line practitioners battling the pandemic, national policy makers grappling with unprecedented challenges, medical students learning on the fly at MUSC’s free clinics, and pandemic historians trying to make sense of the past year.

Armed with these stories, students will investigate how race, gender, sexuality, and age have impacted the way different people experience COVID-19, and then work towards finding solutions that can improve health outcomes for future generations.

This summer, learn how you can help rewrite the healthcare stories of the future. Apply today.

Student receives Covid vaccine